I do not photograph naked women.

I mean…I do, but it is so much more than just that!

I want to be real with you girl. I’m here to photograph the shift. The “a-ha” moment. The lightbulb. I photograph those very first few moments where you are exploring the meaning of your true beauty. Those moments where you’ve set aside all of the society’s expectations, and spend some time working on loving yourself.

I capture you celebrating your imperfectness and you challenging yourself to be vulnerable and raw. This is a place where you find newfound love and respect for your body. I’m here to show you how smokin hot you really are and always have been.

Ok, but I don't look like a supermodel, how will this work for me?

I see you scrolling over there, trying to decide if a boudoir photography experience is right for you. I’m pretty sure you are feeling a bit nervous and maybe even questioning it. We totally get it. It’s scary. I completely understand having the pressure to be something that seems unrealistic. I’m here to help you overcome all the negative lies that you have been telling yourself and start loving and appreciating yourself as you are right at this moment.

Yes! You can totally rock out a boudoir session! Trust me. My job is to make you feel comfortable, pampered and beautiful! I have photographed lots of women…every shape and size. I make sure to coach you through every step.

Our talented hair & make up artists have been making ladies look like a million bucks for over 10 years! Think of it as a few girlfriends hanging out, jamming to music, getting all dolled up and having a blast in some cute undies!

We GOT YOU, BOO! We’re here for you, 100% of the time.We want to give you the ability to see yourself as we see you! We are just two crazy women who fiercely love and support you.

You won’t find perfection by losing a few more pounds or trying to hide each imperceptible blemish. You are perfectly beautiful now!










real quotes from happy clientsWhat People are Saying
Sara JaneShooting boudoir with Kim was such a freakin confidence booster! I went into the session thinking it was going to be something my husband would love, and don’t get me wrong, I know he is going to lose his mind when he sees the images, but it was such an empowering experience for me. I know that it sounds like a broken record and everyone says that about boudoir, but that’s only because it is SO TRUE! Being able to see yourself from a totally different perspective is something that I never imagined would make me feel so comfortable and confident in my own skin. I cannot recommend Kim Kelley boudoir enough for all women. Relationship status is irrelevant, do it for yourself. I promise you, Kim will blow your expectations out of the water.
KatrinaKim was warm and welcoming and beyond professional. She made the session fun, and captured some incredible shots! Additionally, this was my very first boudoir shoot. Kim and I had so much fun with it. She made me feel sexy and I can believe I waited this long to do a shoot!

I will definitely be going to her again and recommend her to any of my girlfriends looking to have boudoir session a done.
JeunesseKim was enthusiastic and empowering right from the start of our communication and all throughout each encounter. She makes you feel comfortable, strong, confident, and beautiful. Then, you see your photos and know even more how strong and beautiful you really are! Kim’s passion for photography and women empowerment is genuine and contagious. Couldn’t have asked for a better photographer and experience. If you’ve ever thought about a boudoir session, just do it! You deserve it!
StacieKim made my first experience with a boudoir session amazing! She really empowers women and just has an overall feeling of acceptance when you are around her. Do NOT wait to book with her! Thank you so much for allowing me to work with you Kim. Can’t wait to get my little black book in!
AmyKim was the best. She made me feel so beautiful and comfortable during my shoot. I would highly recommend Kim for your boudoir photos. I’m extremely excited for my book. I laughed the entire time and walked away with more confidence and self love thanks to Kim. 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💕
Kim KelleyMeet


This is the first step to getting your confidence back babe! Whether you’ve never had it, or lost it along the way, or wish you had more of it….this is for you. And even if you’re bursting at the seams with confidence and think there’s no one hotter than you, well you can come too!

I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years. I’ve poured my heart and soul into beautiful portraits of newborns, children, engaged couples, preschools….there was nothing I didn’t shoot except weddings. So when I signed up for a boudoir photography class in 2019 I thought it’s just another genre to add to my list.

Wrong. So so wrong.

You guys, (you ladies), this jump to boudoir has been the most eye opening, amazing, empowering journey I’ve ever been on as a photographer and as a woman. I’ve never been a “girl power” feminist. I just kinda go with the flow. No longer, sister. I am all up in your girl power ass! I want to praise you and push you and encourage you and hold a mirror up to your gorgeous self and force you to see the powerful woman you are! We all are.

I am a certified professional boudoir photographer, and damn proud of it. Come meet me and let me show you who you are, deep down, under the fears and doubts and voices telling you you’re not worth it. You are.

This was supposed to be “about me”, but I got distracted, because these sessions are all about you. :)



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