Young sisters Photoshoot at Balboa Park

Cute Sisters Mini Shoot

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Mini Shoots

Mini shoots are a great way to get updated photos a few times a year if you have little ones, or just once a year as the kids get older and don’t change as quickly. I always offer mini shoots around October for everyone needing to get updated photos for their holiday cards. It’s usually fun for everyone, because the dads don’t get exasperated with an hour long photo session, the kids don’t get bored, and mom doesn’t get stressed out trying to keep everyone from falling apart and behaving badly.

These cute little girls always come ready to perform! Their mom and dad both come with them, but refuse to be in the photos. I get ya! I would prefer never to be in a Christmas card photo myself, but my husband insists we get in it every few years. He says “people want to see you!”.  To that I say, no they don’t. I look the same, but older, what’s fun to see about that? But I do it, occasionally, and always realize how much easier it is for this family to just bring the girls ready to photograph and leave themselves out of it. I’m jealous of that.

Fun Photography Sessions

Photographing these two cuties is pretty easy too. They love to spin and twirl and will do any pose I ask of them. They smile ALL the time, so there’s no begging them, or worrying about fake smiles. And they are just adorable, so any picture of them is a good one. I’m sure their mom is thrilled that they make it easy for her to come up with Christmas card ideas.

Don’t hesitate to ask about mini shoots! It does take several families to sign up in a row, to make it worthwhile, but if we can line up enough families, it’s a win for everyone!

And you can never have too many gorgeous photos of your family….

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