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Returning Clients for More Photos

This fun family never disappoints. From a mother who coordinates outfits like nobody’s business, to a dad who is game for anything; and a little boy who knows how to bring the fun! I never stop laughing during their photoshoots, of which there have been many. I love that this family recognizes the importance of documenting their life and telling their story through photographs. These moments you don’t get back, and thanks to their many photos, they will never forget.

Fun Early Morning Photo Sessions

I was trying to pack in as many photo sessions as I could before Christmas. Everyone needs updated photos of course to get their holiday cards in order! So I had evening sessions lasting right until sundown, and morning sessions for those who could handle a 7am wake up call. These guys did not disappoint! It helps that you have a preschooler who rises at the crack of dawn anyway and forces the day to start early. So they bundled up and met me in the “woods” of San Diego where we all had a great time romping around in the leaves. Fall in San Diego…this is about as close as we get.

What to Wear to Your Photo Session

Such a tough question, and so frequently asked. I hate to impose rules on anyone as to what to wear, because the whole reason for a family photo session is to remember that time in your life. So why dress up and look like people that don’t really resemble who you are?

Many people won’t accept my non answer as the answer. So I give the standard response: no red, no green, not matchy matchy, and solids are best. Muted colors overall, with spalshes of color here and there that are coordinated. But what if this family had listened to my usual advice and not dressed how they did? I love how they look…because it’s so THEM!! They are an indestructible threesome and this photoshoot just reaffirms that. The red is not making the dreaded color casts on their chins. The matching is not giving me flashbacks to the 80’s when everyone matched in photos. And that patterns are necessary to really make this look work! I love this family and this wardrobe choice! Would it work for a family of 6? Maybe not. Does it work with this family and this woodsy setting? Absolutely. And in 15 years when she’s looking back on this photo will it take her right back to that moment and that age when her son ran around and played with sticks and tackled her from behind? For sure. That my friends, is a successful photo shoot.

family in the woods with little boymatching plaid shirts in family of 3woodsy family photo shootlittle boy in woods of la jolla

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