Winter in San Diego (day 7: 365)


I grew up in Colorado. I’ve paid my dues.

So please keep that in mind as you read this post (if you are unfortunate enough to live somewhere other than California this week).


Snowstorm so bad this week that they gave it a name. I forgot what it is. But it begins with an H.  Snowstorm Hideous?  Sounds about right.

Any kind of snow at this juncture is hideous to me. I’m really getting used to the stable 70 degree weather out here.

So most of the midwest and all of the east coast is shut down.

So, for my picture today, I thought I’d do some “winter” pictures.

First of all, winter as we know it:

winter storm

January 2014 5

Feeling cold yet?

Looks good and icy right?

Well….I was practicing with my macro lens today. That’s a close up of some “wintery” branches from Pottery Barn. They look great in the big ceramic pot on my dining room table.

That is not real ice.

And now this…… (bracing myself for comments from the east coast friends)

This is outside my house. TODAY.

January 2014 8

January 2014 9

Del Mar photographer

How do those pretty little flowers survive the hideous snowstorm??

Just kidding. No snow here.


Remember…paid my dues, paid my dues, paid my dues……

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