weekly project

Weekly project.

You notice the name change? I can hear you laughing from here. Just stop it.

It is impossible for me to post a picture daily. I’ve proven that more times than I want to discuss. But maybe if I take a photo every day and post them once a week?

Well, we’ll see.

I like the idea that using a different name for this challenge means I can do it.

I probably can’t.

So here, take a look at week one of my weekly challenge, and take a good HARD look, as this may be the final week.

kidding.  (i hope)

One thing that I am going to change up, since I saw a long article about this challenge and this specific part of it…..I will include myself in this every week.

That sounds hideous and awful and this in fact might just be the final week if it means a picture of me every 7 days. But the beauty of that article, and the women who wrote it, is they showed us examples of their “selfies”. They didn’t actually show their faces every time! So selfies, in this sense, mean “something about me that I can represent in a photo”.  Excellent. Back on board.

You will see below, my selfie this week is my desk at work after I finished a 12 hour shift. It’s my desk, my coffee cup in the background, my stethoscope, and my 4 page list of patients I had to see and then go back to my desk to chart on. That is VERY representative of me!

So here we go.

Oh, and don’t bother emailing me about why there are only 6 photos this week. I read the article late on Jan 1st. So I started on Jan 2nd. And I decided Saturday night is a good time to post, since I have time, so I’m starting the pattern now, with only 6 days this week.

Two things come to mind after writing that:

  1. How utterly sad and pathetic that I think Saturday nights are a good time to sit at my computer and post stupid pictures on my blog. But really, they are. That’s the truth, and it’s sad, but it will remain the truth until the damn kids move out of my house.
  2. I feel like I already failed. Weekly challenge, only 6 days in the very first week? Ugh. Not starting out very promising.

Anyway, let’s get on with it.

Payton, back at homework. That’s another thing that started back up this week. School. Maybe that’s why I’m so cranky…..

Kim Kelley Photography


Pretty common site, finding Harper like this, ever since they got laptops for Christmas. Blessing and a curse.

Kim Kelley Photography


Fuzzy covers of Payton’s ice skates. She loves those things. Future post on how much she loves stuffed animals. I see therapy in her future.

Kim Kelley Photography


Yuck. Heart started racing a bit scrolling down to this one. Back in that office tomorrow morning. Sympathy cards welcome…..

Kim Kelley Photography

Cookie’s new harness came this week. Call it a late Christmas present for him. Or, you could call it what I assume he thinks of it, a torture vest.  For a 3 pound bunny who’s been “off leash” in the house and yard for 2 years, to suddenly be subjected to this kind of torment, well, he must think we woke up hating his very existence. The poor guy is strapped in this vest and hooked to a leash, which by the way, for a 3 pound bunny might as well be a piece of dental floss. And every time the leash gets yanked by the girls he is airborne with all 4 paws off the ground. I owe you some carrots buddy, I don’t know how else to say how sorry I am.

Kim Kelley Photography

Helping with Saturday morning breakfast.  We splurged and made coffee cake muffins. She took all the fun out of it by getting disgusted with the amount of sugar we put in, and the melted butter that we also poured in. She read me the nutritional label of the flour. She’s 8!! Who thinks about that stuff at 8? I blame Tom.

And by the way, they were good….and Miss Calorie Counter ate 2.

Kim Kelley Photography

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