Weekly project week 4

Weekly Project Week 4:


Fun with friends. This is Maya in the Packers jersey. She came over for a playdate that involved shrinky dinks. Remember those??

Maya has a few connections to the Kelley girls….

She played on their basketball team last year.

Her dad was the coach along with Tom.

Both dads grew up in Wisconsin and are big Packer fans.

She lives in the girls old bedroom.

What??? What does that mean?

It means, they bought our old house when we sold it over 5 years ago! We didn’t go to Ocean Air elementary at the time, and didn’t have any reason to know who they were, and sold the house to them without looking back.  But months into starting Kindergarten Tom ran into John, Maya’s dad. I would have been worried to strike up a conversation…not knowing if the toilet leaked and ruined the floor, or a light switch had shorted out, or the fan fell out of the ceiling….nothing that I would have predicted, yet nothing that I’d like to hear about on the playground at my kids elementary school. Nothing ever came up about the house, but they did develop a budding friendship, one that has endured and grown over the years.  The girls don’t remember the house when they go over to Maya’s for a playdate, but Tom and I get transported back in time. It’s their house now for sure, but it’s fun to stroll through the rooms and reminisce.


Master guacamole makers! They even make their own homemade chips! Glad some of my culinary skills are rubbing off!



Little short this week with having a few days of illness hit me. But I’m hoping to back on track this week!



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  • AnnieThis is great Kim. Glad the girls are such good friends. We are supposed to meet!ReplyCancel

    • kimkDefinitely fate! Love that it turned into a friendship for all of us!!ReplyCancel

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