Weekly project week 2

Weekly project week 2.

Posting a day late because we DID have plans this Saturday night!! Dinner with friends and 3 glasses of wine later I don’t think posting on a blog was a very good idea. So here is the Sunday post this week. I guess that means I should have 8 days worth….I think I do….



Starting off with a pic from last Sunday. Crazy that today, 1 week later I have the heat cranked and sweaters on and I still can’t get warm. But last week we met the Kazlauskas’s at their Del Mar condo for a little swim time. Gorgeous day in January….swimming outside….gotta love this town.

Weekly project

The ONLY way I can convince them to get haircuts are the promise of the fantastic braids the stylist will give them after the cut. This one complete with flowers. We went to the grocery store right after this….the checker asked if they were headed to a wedding! Ha!

Weekly project

The horrible selfie. Will have to work on focus with the timer. But I caught myself doing what I’m always doing at home….cooking! So this is appropriate, if not blurry.

Weekly project

On my way home from work Thursday night. A big change from the swim date 4 days prior. Cold and rainy and yuck. But we still have these palm trees to make life bearable!

Weekly project

Basketball season is here! Bring it Thunderbolts!

Yes, Tom is the coach, and yes he approved that name the girls picked. I guess when you live in a city with very little rain, and virtually no thunderstorms, you don’t know that it’s lightening bolts and thunder….what? Thunder clap? Anyway, based on the majority vote of 9 little San Diegans,  we are the Thunderbolts, and we are damn proud of it!

Weekly project

Double girl scout meetings this week. With Payton’s troop we had a Kindness meeting. It was an impromptu decision when our original plan of a hike got rained out. But it was one of the most special meetings we’ve had. These girls are so naturally kind, it really doesn’t take any kind of coaxing to get them to do nice things. For each other, or strangers. And Shital, one of my co-leaders, was NOT going to be caught with some lame meeting due to poor planning. She made it so special, it made me tear up to see what she had planned.

Weekly project


And Harper’s GS meeting was just yesterday. She had a beach clean up outing that I tagged along for, just to hang out with the cool moms. 🙂

The clean up took about 28 minutes. The beach playdate lasted a LOT longer!

Weekly projectGS beach cleanup-85


Today we got to babysit 2 little girls who belong to a friend of mine from work. My girls met her girls when they came with me to do a photoshoot last October. Ever since then my girls have been begging to see them again. So I offered my friend a little free babysitting and she and her husband went to a movie and did some shopping. Meanwhile, back at our house, we pulled out every doll, blanket, book, stuffed animal, coloring book, crayon, and snack we have in the house. It was a lot of fun, and they are the cutest girls ever! Here are Harper and Evelyn, enjoying a cuddle, a few cheerios, and looking like a before and after (9 years later) shot.

Rustico babysit-50

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