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Had some snags in my weekly posts.

I had a busy week at work, some sick kids, and most importantly, I’m updating my website so it’s been down for a week. I’m so excited to debut the new look, check back in a week or so, I should have it up by then.   It almost didn’t happen though.

I purchased the upgrade a few months ago, and per usual, stalled in the actual installation of it. But once I did finally install it, all hell broke loose.

I lost my site completely to a screen that said “We’re working on this site”, which in reality, was not true. I wasn’t working on it at all, I had no idea how to even begin to work on it!
The previous versions were so user friendly, it was kind of fun to go step by step through the instructions and watch the changes occur. But this new upgrade was TOTALLY different, and as a tech-dummy I had major hurdles.  I attempted, failed, but got my website back to the old site.  Waited for a long weekend, tried again, failed, but was able to get my old site back.  Tried one more time, (and when I say “try”, it’s really like 3-4 minutes of clicking around, not knowing at ALL what I’m doing, and really just messing up my site), and this time I totally lost my site. To the effect that I had to hang on the phone with my web host for over 40 minutes to have them re-install my last saved version, which unfortunately wasn’t too recent, so I lost a lot of posts. Anyway, my old site (mostly) restored, I was ready to hang it up.

After every attempt I would email the support guys and bitch them out. This is awful, this is impossible, this is the opposite of user friendly, this upgrade makes no sense, no one could possibly figure this out!

They would calmly reply with suggestions and links to videos.

I would email again: Tried again, my website is down again! Your videos are 3 seconds long and there are no words! Plus it tells me to do things that I don’t even see on my screen, so I would do something different, but similar, and it crashed my site!

Another calm reply from Benjamin (shout out to the very zen Benjamin at PP6!), telling me other methods, and even being so polite as to address my claims that “the videos have no words” and maybe if I don’t see the same buttons on my side as the video shows, don’t keep clicking on things that look “similar”.  I meant there is no one talking me through the video, but turns out, these short vids are just to show you how to click through, the tutorial videos are located somewhere else. But he did not embarrass me with a snarky reply, instead he just continued to give patient advice.

Fast forward many email exchanges later, and my website disappears completely, and I lose my mind on poor Benjamin. I told him refund my money, get my old site back, I’m done. Done, done, done. I’m too dumb to do this, so I’m done. I let loose on Benjamin and I expect him to fireback at me about how dumb I am. But he again uses his calm voice and tells me how to get my money refunded, BUT…..if I’d like to try again, he can tell me some other tips to get it up and running.

Don’t ask my why, but I tried again. And it worked this time! So, long story short, check out the new website in just a few days/weeks….

In the meantime, I’ll try to catch up and post some recent pics.

Stunt tricks before bedtime. I decided not to post the photo I got when Payton’s butt grazed Harper’s face.


indoor swing

I’d like to say she’s engrossed in a book, but I think it was her tablet, otherwise she would have taken the 2 seconds to look at me.

close up eyelashes


They finished the regular season in 4th place. Now onto the playoffs next weekend! She will continue to wear her lucky “hoops” socks.

girls basketball

With the Kazlauskas girls….off to the theater! We went to the high school performance of The Secret Garden. Perks of high school performances? Besides being $17 a ticket instead of the $69 I paid for Matilda? They oversell the tickets because they are high school students and don’t expect everyone to show up! So Kelli’s friend, who had a daughter in the play that we went to support, gave up her front row seats for the kids. They felt like celebrities.

off to the theater

I swear the freckles double every day!

little girl freckles

Valentines day tulips…

Valentine tulips

And Valentines day cupcakes….thank you to Del Mar School District for giving us a day off homework. More time to bake! And they reaped the rewards anyway, as the girls delivered 80% of the cupcakes to their current and old teachers the next day.

Valentine bakingValentine bakingValentine baking

Valentine cupcake baking


I’m not sure why this is necessary, but Harper decided to make a “bunk bed” out of the puzzle table in the living room. They actually HAVE a bunk bed in their room, so it’s not as if she can’t experience it unless she makes it herself. But still, I guess it’s more fun to lay under a table than in a bed. So she hung out under here for a day or so, until she knocked half my puzzle off the table and she was smart enough to get the hell out from under there!

makeshift bunk bed


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