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Week 3! I’m on a roll!

Have plans again tonight, so need to get these posted early. So much for boring Saturday nights!

Here’s Payton at ice skating lessons. She passed Basic 2, on to Basic 3! Wondering when she gets strapped into that harness to practice her jumps??  🙂

Rustico babysit

This is the after shot of my 75 minute massage.

There is a post coming about that later. Do I love or hate massages? Stay tuned to find out.

Rustico babysit-2Enjoying some cookies and ice cream. These cookies happen to be the macaroons that Stacy brought us for babysitting her girls. The same macaroons at UTC that I refuse to buy them, yet they ask for every single time go. What a perfect surprise treat!


Del Mar library has “read to Spartan” every other Tuesday. Look how much Spartan loves it. Ha! But it’s a good afternoon to get some reading done and let the girls get their dog fix.



Hoops socks and boots. So naturally appropriate.



She loves raiding Tom’s Head stash in the garage. There is ALWAYS something she finds that she begs him to give her. And of course he does. So our house/her room looks a lot like a Head sample store.



Big production every single night about who her “cuddle person” should be. She has about 400 stuffed animals on her bed, so it takes a good 5-10 minutes to pick the right one. I, of course, must be present for the selection. If she “loses” him during the night, she will let him have another night. He always makes it down to breakfast too. She’s a good little caretaker, this kid. Rustico babysit-2


Here’s my selfie. We’ve had huge rain this week. In the morning walking into work I was worried a car driving by me in the parking lot would hit a puddle and soak me completely, like a geek in a movie scene. Luckily that didn’t happen. But walking back to my car 12 hours later, when the sun’s been out all afternoon, feeling kind of silly with a bright yellow rain slicker and big rubber boots on dry land.

Rustico babysit-2


Doorway acrobatics. Look at her stick the landing!


An unwelcome visit to the top bunk. Lots of kicking and wrestling and finally we intervened to physically remove Payton.

Ahhh…the joy of younger sisters. Since I am one, I don’t actually think they are a bad thing. Harper just needs to learn to appreciate the love!


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