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Well, there are a few weeks missing since my last post, but it’s been busy here.

There is a hodge podge of photos to show this week, and they come from the last few weeks, since I’ve been slacking.

We had a lot of beautiful days lately, and with half days due to school conferences, we were able to get out and enjoy ourselves.

But first, a comparison of 2 of my recent runs.

The ocean has been doing some strange things lately. First, the tide was WAAAY low when I went jogging from my house up to Del Mar. And rock formations were showing that are normally underwater. I’m not sure if usually it’s too deep to stand so I’ve never noticed these rocks on the bottom of the ocean before, or if they are new? How could they be new….that’s ridiculous, it must be that either I can’t reach them when the tide is high or I’m not paying attention. Either way, here they are. I’m SITTING on them for this photo. It was too gorgeous a day to leave, so I hung out for a while.

Just looking at this photo again I’m shocked at how far out the tide really went that day. So strange.

low tide jog on the beach


Next run, just a few days ago, in the open space behind my house. There are miles of protected land up there, and it makes for some fine breeding ground for wild animals. Usually it’s fun to see them, but this one was NOT fun. I am terrified of snakes, so I froze in my tracks for many minutes before I found the courage to run past him. He never moved. I wonder what it takes to get a snake excited. Do you have to touch him? Well, luckily, I didn’t find out and he played dead until long after I was past.


snake on running path


Since we’re on the topic of slimy things. Here is Harper and her friend Maya in our backyard. They “caught” a lizard. I didn’t think that was possible. So I figured he was dead. But sure enough, when forced to prove that he is alive, they convinced me (as I ran from them screaming to stay away….scared of lizards too….).  But he did not try to get away from them. They spent a long time passing him back and forth. Yuck. Not sure what ever happened to him. I was shuttered up in my room as far from them as I could get.

girls holding a lizard


This was our day for parent teacher conferences. This was their mode of transportation.  So funny to see this photo. It looks like they are at a standstill. But that thing actually goes quite fast (faster of course if they don’t both insist on riding it together). It goes fast enough that I’m freaked out watching them. And it doesn’t help that the man in back usually is criticizing, squeezing, complaining it’s her turn to drive, and often times pinching. They seem to have good balance though, because I’ve seen that scooter sway back and forth as the driver loses control while trying in vain to get away from the pinching, and they’ve never tipped over!


little girls on a scooter


Another early dismissal day and we packed up good friends and headed to the beach. It wasn’t warm enough for any of us moms to swim, but the girls did not seem to mind. Blue lips and chattering teeth, we stayed hours longer than we ever expected to. And when it got too cold to boogie board in the water, they switched to surfing down the dunes.

family photography


I was conned into trying a new ice cream place out on our way home. It was 4:30, no plans for dinner, dripping wet kids, freezing from the ocean, and we stop for ice cream sandwiched between a huge cookie and brownie. WHAT?!?!?! I was definitely not thinking when I said ok and pulled in. But I think they still remember the taste of that deliciousness. So I guess it was worth it. Even if no one ate dinner that night.

family photography



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