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I’ve fallen behind on this! I’ve been swamped with so much other stuff to do, I can’t find time to sit down and post these photos!

Being busy is a good thing, it’s almost all fun stuff that is keeping me away from my computer, but I feel bad falling so far behind.

First, a gorgeous senior girl I got to photograph. She had beautiful weather at the beach and I couldn’t take a bad picture of her if I wanted to! She was a dream. I wish all photoshoots were this easy. 🙂  Full post about her beautiful session to follow….

high school senior girl against palm trees

Next, a token picture of this cute guy. His big day is coming up! Watch for mini shoots I’ll be offering soon. Bring your kiddos in their Easter best and let them roll around with this guy for some adorable Easter photos. I’ll post more about that soon.

adorable picture of a bunny

Her first trip to the orthodontist was at 7:30 in the morning. I promised breakfast after the appointment before we went to school. This was her choice of meals.  Took her back to class late with a sugar high. You’re welcome Mrs. Kantner. 🙂    (At least she has fond memories of the ortho!)

little girl drinking hot cocoa with whipped cream

Caught this beautiful sky right after sunset outside my house.

I’ve been missing this lately with all the rain. Good to see the sun again!

beautiful sky at sunset


I think that’s it for today. Next up is a post all about our trip to LA!


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