week 9 update

Weekly update

There were a lot of school functions this week that kept us hoppin!

This Friday the girls went with Tom to the Daddy-Daughter dance at school. Tom is co-chair of the Dad’s club, so he had to help prep and get there early. So I raced home from work to help the girls get ready. They were so giddy! They love getting dressed up and going anywhere….but they’ve been to these dances before and knew they had a lot to look forward to. (Taylor Swift music blasting from the speakers, and tables full of sugary treats, and all their friends….with no boys in sight!)

I thought this picture below was the quintesssential photo of a girl getting ready. Hate to show off what a sloppy room she keeps when I’m not there in the morning to nag her to make her bed. But this is real life….watch out for scattered pillows.

school dance

I tried not to intervene with the lipgloss. But when her pink gloss extended inches above her actual lips, I had to start dabbing with a tissue. She of course was offended by this. Guess we need to talk a little about make up application. The funny thing is, I JUST watched this video my friend posted about a woman showing us how she applies her make up and she really had no idea what she was doing (a spoof on the REAL make up application videos), and it was SO ME! I have like 3 make up items. Blush, mascara, and chapstick. It’s pathetic. The girls have more fake make up than I have real stuff. I’ve even considered dipping into their tray of eyeshadow when I have a big event. Again, pathetic. But the point is, maybe I’m in no position to give advice on make up application. But I DO know when lip gloss has crossed the line. (the lip line that is!)

school dance


Tom’s southern friend got wind of the daddy-daughter dance and told him he needed to get them corsages. Maybe he should have told him specifically to get the cheap kid corsages that get ruined immediately when they start dancing with their friends. But he didn’t hear that part. He got them each $25 corsages. I don’t even think mine cost that much at prom! But of course, they loved them, and he loved presenting them, so it was wasted money well spent. 

Did I mention it was a masquerade theme?

Thank goodness it was the exact same week as Mardi Gras….and that Party City stocks up so San Deigns can celebrate Mardi Gras with the best of them! They had a huge selection of masks, and I went alone to shop, because I didn’t want to spend 3 days in the store watching them try on every single mask and then fret for hours over which one to pick. So I picked up one for each girl and never mentioned the huge selection I had to choose from. They were pretty excited! I got one for Tom too, you’ll see it in a minute. I thought he’d be wearing his glasses, so I thought he needed something soft, pliable, easy to wear over his glasses.  Well….he didn’t wear his glasses, and I ended up making him look like a superhero kid. You’ll see…..sorry Tom.



HAAHAHAHAHA!!! Again, sorry Tom! This was at the actual dance. school dance




For our Brownie meeting this past week we did some patriotic stuff. We read the book by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Made some red, white and blue bracelets (because these are 8 year old girls after all, we have to do SOMETHING crafty!), and they wrote letters to the President.  We’re trying to help beat that record of the most mail received on one day, and hoping to get Trump a million letters delivered the same day.

We were careful not to influence the girls and didn’t voice our own opinions of the president. But that didn’t matter. These girls have their own opinions already….

weekly updateJog-a-thon time! Here is my selfie too.

My friend was there taking photos for her classroom, and I was doing the same. We each took pictures of each other taking pictures, because we both complain that we are never IN the photos, always behind the camera. So we documented for each other the fact that we DO exist!   This photo was taken by Harper’s amazing teacher who also knows how important it is to get the mom in front of the camera. 🙂

As if a jog-a-thon at 8am wasn’t enough for one morning, we also had to get to school early for a 7:30 presentation of the Peace Builder awards. Harper won it this month, so of course we were going to show up…..in our jogging clothes though! This is a pretty big deal. The kids are nominated by their teachers. And they only do it 6 times a year, so it’s a pretty special award, that only 6 kids out of her class will receive.

This little one has won it before too…but this morning she just showed up for moral support….and a power breakfast of cinnamon buns and cheesesticks to prep for the jog-a-thon!


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