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One more week of photos! I’m into week 2 of Project 365!

First up our cute little bunny Cookie. He brings all of us so much joy. He’s kind of like a little meditation tool.

Just hold him in your lap and rub his head or stroke his super soft ears and you’ll forget everything that was bothering you.

And he will too….because he falls asleep during the above described massage in about 20 seconds flat.

1 year old white and gray Holland Lop bunny



















Here are Payton and her good buddy Ella at our brownie troop meeting last week.

We made healthy snacks and they had a blast. Our meetings are only an hour and the time just flies by.  It such a great group of girls, but what I’m really thankful for are the other 2 moms I lead the troop with. I have become such good friends with them, I’d be lost without our monthly outings (the pre-meeting planning over wine is the best part!)

2 smiling girls doing a cooking badge with Girl Scout troop


Friday Funday this week! We got to head over to our neighbors house after school/work on Friday for homemade nachos!

They have food, wine, hot tub, and kids to keep our kids occupied…..best neighbors ever!!

Here are Harper and Karl prior to the chaos that ALWAYS ensues. And if it’s not loud enough with 4 kids….Tom and Denise never hesitate to fill in the silences (or compete for airtime).



girl and boy looking at laptop


Fun times at La Jolla Farmers Market

Laughing blonde girl at La Jolla Farmers Market




















We carried on Harper’s birthday celebration a month later with an outing to Corvette Diner with one of her besties Amory. The got more than enough arcade time, bows in their hair made out of straws, balloon animals, multiple song requests and dedications from the DJ, and double desserts. Wow. Quite a party! I think #9 has been celebrated enough. Tom and I are exhausted! (not from the diner, that was manageable….it was the sleep over after that wore us out. Because a sleep over involves NO sleep. For anyone.)


birthday milkshakes at Corvette Diner




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