Wedding at the Botanical Gardens

Heather’s wedding at the Botanical Gardens

Many of you have been asking for more pictures, so I will try to put in as many as I can to quench the need for more photos, without (hopefully) overdoing it and causing your eyes to glaze over as you see more pictures of the wedding dress and more pictures of the flower girls.

Full disclaimer: I was not the wedding photographer. But I was actually the mother of the flower girls, and friend of the bride. So be warned, there is a VERY heavy bias on flower girl and bride pictures. My apologies to the rest of the wedding party and guests, not that you were not also very beautiful, but I had my priorities. And Micah…very, very handsome in your suit….but again, you’re not a 7 year old in a green taffeta dress, so the camera just didn’t love you quite as much  (close though!).


Here are some pictures of Harper on the day of the rehearsal.

I took the girls to get their hair cut and styled at the kid salon. They do amazing braids, which really screws me as a mom, since I will NEVER be able to recreate those braids, but there will never be a day that they won’t ask me to try it.


Heather's Wedding Aug 2015

Waiting for Prince Charming….


Heather's Wedding Aug 2015-5-2

Was Payton a flower girl?


Did she get a fancy Elsa braid in her hair?


Was she standing right next to me in the backyard and did she attend the rehearsal and did she look just as pretty as Harper?


I’m sorry Payts….really really sorry. It looks like I love Harper more, like you always accuse me of, but really I don’t. But for some reason, I never got a great picture of you that day.  And I know this might sound like an excuse, but it IS an excuse, a legit one…..let us  not forget that on rehearsal day, I had strep throat.  And if you are not aware of what happens to me when I get strep throat, well, just take a peek at this blog post right here. It’s not pretty, but it will make you forgive me.

So let’s move on.

To the wedding day.

Before I show you any pictures though, let me start by saying this.


The bride.

She is one of the most amazing people I know.

She came to us unexpectedly, to babysit the girls every now and then.

Then she took over the full time care of the girls when our other nanny moved.

She changed our lives, she changed their lives and I think they changed hers too.

She started working on her masters in Education while she was taking care of the girls, so she “practiced” on them.

She taught them how to read. She taught them about birds, and trees, and science, and art.

She taught them about the ocean, and how to surf.

She taught them about geo-caching, (something I still don’t get), and peacock babies.

She took them places I didn’t even know existed in San Diego, and she taught them things that I didn’t know myself.

When Harper asked me what is the best thing that ever happened to me, I told her it’s when I had her and Payton.

When I flipped the question back to her, she told me “Heather”.

So thank you Heather, for being such an important feature in their lives, and helping them become the sweet, smart, funny little ladies they are today.

They think the world of you, and now of Micah too, and they were so honored to be a part of your wedding.

wedding daywedding day

Pretty little hair dos courtesy of the kid salon.

Gorgeous green flower girl dresses….handmade by (who else?)…..Heather.

The bride herself actually handmade the flowergirl dresses AND her OWN WEDDING GOWN!!!

I can’t type that out without yelling about it. It’s too much for me to process.

I can’t even sew up a Barbie dress that ripped down the seam.

wedding day1279

How cute is this dress?????

They felt like princesses.

I actually think they kind of felt like the bride.

wedding day1276wedding day1273

Heather showing the girls the matching green tulle under her own dress.

And I guess I said taffeta before. Maybe it’s not taffeta at all. It’s tulle. I don’t even know what taffeta is actually.

And while I’m apologizing, I’m sure none of the 3 ladies below would call their dresses “green”. I’m sure there’s a fancier name for that color.

Payton, for sure, would know what to call it. That girls favorite color is turquoise!

wedding day1272wedding day1268

Here’s the handsome crew!

Micah looks calm here, but do think I saw a trickle of water escape from his eye at one point!

As they say….he was worth the wait.

wedding day1299

wedding day

I must admit, as the girls walked down the aisle, and then back up it after the ceremony was over, I stood way out in the middle of the aisle to get good pictures of them.

I am SURE the real photographer hated me.  So I’m very sorry to her, and her assistant, for getting in the way. I just couldn’t seem to help myself.  And the only reason I became aware of myself doing this? Oh, because the bridesmaid trying to walk back up the aisle had to say “excuse me!” to my big ass in her way….blocking the aisle, taking pictures of the back of my girls heads!

so so sorry

wedding day1314wedding day1315wedding daywedding day1317wedding day1318wedding day1319

So excited to throw the petals ON me.

wedding day1320wedding day1321

We were dying over these 2 cuties!

wedding day1309

wedding day1308

wedding daywedding day

Such a gorgeous setting for a touching and beautiful ceremony.

I was kicking myself for not wearing sunglasses as the tears streamed down my face.

wedding day

wedding day1343



The too cool for school wedding party…..they all danced their way into the reception, then stood and welcomed the bride and groom in. And most had already slipped into the flip flops, (provided for all the guests!) that were available with all the other cool treats that would make any Pinterest Wedding Reception board swoon.

wedding day


Then Heather and Micah came in.

And Heather is holding a beer.

I would expect nothing less.

wedding day1374

I had some really cute pictures of Heather and Micah dancing, which really showed off the back of Heather’s dress, which is amazing!

But again, Micah screwed up by NOT wearing a (color not specified but something close to green) tulle dress, and so that picture got cut, and replaced by these 3 lovely ladies and a cutie in a vest who may be trying to cut in.

Not to be missed, the candy sticks gripped tightly by each girl….a sweet touch, having jars of candy on all the tables. I mean ALL the tables. A free for all.  Have I properly thanked you for that yet Heather? If not, the thank you card will be coming in the mail shortly, along with the dentist’s bill.

wedding day1409wedding day1416


I told Heather I’d love to go back and do it again.

It was such a magical evening….one I’ll never forget.

Nor will those 2 little green princesses who won’t let go of your hands.

Thank you for that.




wedding day



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