Want To Pick The Music For Your Boudoir Session?

Your Style

We all have our own style of music, and it helps to have your tunes in the background while you are working the camera. Music can alter our mood. If you play sad music you will more than likely show that emotion in your final photographs. I love having the music cranked up during our session. I would love to know ahead of time what kind of music you love! And we can find a super easy way to make sure we can play that music for your boudoir session! If you are concerned about the music talk it over with your professional boudoir photographer. You both can come up with some sultry tunes to get you in the sprit to take some pretty amazing photographs. Think about what song genre makes you come out of your shell. Music that will make you want to move your body and you can feel it in your bones.

music for boudoir session

Work it Girl!

You did the big step and found you a photographer , scheduled your very first boudoir photo session, and have started picking out what you’ll be wearing for the big day. Bodies are a beautiful thing to celebrate and boudoir photography captures curve and shape in the best way. But that doesn’t mean this is necessarily going to be a breeze, nor does it mean you want to do it in total silence. You will be made as comfortable as humanly possible during your boudoir session with Kim Kelley Boudoir. Music is a big part of that, it can help uplift your mood, make you feel more creative and even make you more powerful. That might be just what your shoot needs. Below I am going to name a few that may get you dancing and “feeling yourself” . You need to be confident and beaming with attitude and fierce confidence during your session. If you are not then your pictures will mirror the emotions you are are feeling on that day.

Some good artist to check out and practice too for your photo session are of course the queen herself, Beyoncé! She has some highly empowering music. Missy Elliot, Sylvan Esso, Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Salt-N-Pepa, N.E.R.D, and maybe throw in a little MC Hammer. These artist bring the fire, and I am sure your photographer will have some strong suggestions for music they have used in the past for session that they have had great success with!

I have a woman power playlist that I LOVE! It gets me so hyped up, happy, makes the session fun, makes us laugh and puts you at ease. I can send you the playlist from Spotify after our session if you love it as much as I do! If you have your own playlist and think it will work well for your session, please bring it or bring a charged phone that we can hook up to bluetooth and we will make sure you are feeling your jams!

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