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A Different Type of Photoshoot

I’ve done a bunch of photo shoots for this little guy, none of them were urban photoshoots!  Usually it’s wherever I chose….the woodsy shoot, the beach photos, a park session. But this time his mom wanted something to do with Legos. Legoland was the site of his 5th birthday celebration, and legos are his toy of choice. So it would be very fitting to have legos involved in his photoshoot.

She asked me if I would come to Legoland to do it. I thought about it for about 3 seconds before I answered her.

No way.

Even when I have this guy in the woods or on a deserted beach, he STILL doesn’t have any interest in sitting where I put him. Or looking at me over his shoulder. Or waiting for me to set the scene and then giving me 4 minutes of genuine smiles while I take a shot here, and then try a shot from over there, and maybe another shot, if you can just keep looking at me and smiling….it’ll just be a second! No. Legoland was a non-option. There was no way I could compete with an entire amusement park filled with his favorite toy on earth! But I did have a great idea…..

A Little Boy Tearing Up a Mall

A few days before we were set to meet, I was shopping at Whole Foods up by my house. They have had a half dozen kids playhouses set up in the shopping area next to WF, some were auctioned off at a big Christmas event they had, but some stuck around. One that is still there is a Lego house. So of COURSE we had to shoot there. I was a little worried about how the rest of the photos would turn out in such an urban location. But it was a dream! And not only did they get their single good photo of their boy on a Lego house (told ya, he’s not going to pay attention to me when he’s surrounded by legos, but I did get ONE), they also loved the rest of the area and the different types of photos we were able to capture.

Happy Birthday Lego Man!!!


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B&W close up of 5 year old boy

B&W of little boy on chess set

little boy on rustic truck with flowers

sweet boy smelling flowers against painted wall

little boy against colorful steps at Urban Photoshoot

5 year old boy

close up of young boy

little boy sitting on swing against painted wall

B&W close up little boy

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