Torrey Pines Reserve family photos


Torrey Pines Reserve family photos with one of my favorite families ever.

We squeezed this photo shoot in right before Christmas. It has become our tradition that my girls and I go on the photo shoot with this dear family and then Tom meets all of us afterward for dinner.

This night we were chasing the sun. First, we were high on the hills and the sun was too bright and too high. So I fooled around with some solo shots of the kids, got some cute shots, but we did a lot of walking, trying to get the right exposure, waiting for the sun to go down a little bit. Got a few family shots as we basically hiked all over the park, and then headed down to the ocean for a few sunset beach shots. At that point we were racing to get to the water before the sunset. I was yelling at John to drive faster and hurry hurry hurry!! We got there just in time, grabbed some more family shots and then let the kids play as the sun went down. It was a little stressful with the lighting not right and then suddenly disappearing too fast, but had fun, as usual, and got some great shots.

Here is my beautiful friend Denise with her perfect-skin-daughter. Looking at this picture of Samantha makes me want to go sign up for some botox. Oh to be young again….Torrey pines reserve family photos



Sorry John….while we sent you to get the car and then drive like hell down the mountain, we were busy getting super cute family minus the dad shots. Oops! I guess this is a good one for your desk! Torrey pines reserve family photos


Which one of these doesn’t belong? It’s hard for my girls to understand that they are not part of this family. They think the Klaffenbach’s are just an extension of the Kelleys. They can head to their house whenever they like, eat whatever they want, sleep there if they’d like, and of course Denise lets them get away with murder! So why wouldn’t Harper jump into a family photo? The funniest part of this is Payton feels even MORE strongly that she is half Klaffenbach. I swear, playdates at Samantha’s house to Payton mean: A playdate with Denise. Payton will choose the mom over either of the kids every day of the week. There is a love affair between those two that no one will ever fully understand.


But taking my child out of the equation….there is a love between mother and son that only a mother with a son can understand. He will love his mama til the end of time. Torrey pines reserve family photosTorrey pines reserve family photos



What happened here? I think the kids were kind of posing for me, half heartedly, and they didn’t know Denise was behind them. That, or they knew but didn’t care. Either way, I remember telling her to do something silly behind them, or to them, or something like that.

What ended up happening is something out of  a horror movie. This photo makes me uneasy actually. I didn’t know my sweet friend had it in her to instantly transform her face into a demented, psycho, super scary biter who looks like she’s about to go cannibalistic on her own kids. Yikes. Note to self, never recommend a silly photo behind the kids again. klaffenbach7


One of my favorites. Ever. The looks, the light, the hair, the smiles… love love…..

Torrey pines reserve family photos

Here we can document that John was actually there, actually allowed into the photo, and not just the designated speeder.

Torrey pines reserve family photos


These last 2 shots blow me away.

I love them for their lighting, and the bokeh behind him.

But what kills me is this kid! He’s 9 years old in these photos, and he usually looks like a 9 year old. But here, in these 2 pics, I see him as he will be in high school. Talking to girls. Driving away in his car. Learning how a small shift in his smile, or a narrowing of his eyes can change his whole appearance, and make him absolutely irresistible.

For now, he only has eyes for his mama, but soon, Denise, soon, those eyes will be killin some sweet little girl! (sorry!!) Torrey pines reserve family photosTorrey pines reserve family photos


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