Top BullSh*t excuses of why you can’t do a boudoir session

(Don’t read this if you aren’t ready to give up your excuse and do the shoot! ?)

Trust me, I have heard it all and now you need to hear why the excuses are BS. Why do I think the excuses are BS, well I am a huge believer in loving yourself right now as you are. “What if I am not there yet?” Perfect, all the more reason for us to help you move forward to self-love.

Here we go, The Top Bullsh*t Excuses:

I do not have a special someone to share my images with…

Who cares?! Boudoir is for YOU, it is about YOU. As a woman, experiencing your beauty and being able to see what that looks like is one of the greatest treasures to ourselves. Embrace that.

I don’t do well in front of the camera…

Want to know something cool about my experiences? I personally coach you. Getting the right photo means finding the right photographer. I show you exactly what to do before you do it so you aren’t left guessing. BONUS: I don’t tell you to “act sexy”, I wouldn’t even know how to do that. I will demonstrate and show you how to bring out your sex appeal. Some laughing may occur, but hey, all the more fun!

Prepare yourself for the next one:

I NEED TO LOSE 10 or 20 lbs first….

Ok, let’s break this one down really simple. You. Do not. Have to. Lose weight.

I am not the photographer that will body warp you to oblivion, so don’t expect that. But I AM the photographer that will guide you to choosing outfits that will flatter your shape. And the most important part where my job as your photographer continues? The right posing, lighting, and angles work WONDERS for every person that walks in to the studio. Before coming in for your big shoot day, I recommend treating yourself with love with exercise, good eating of nutrients, and plenty of water and rest.

So, have I hit on what has been stopping you? Are you ready to face your fears and book your shoot? As a professional, I will take amazing care of you and show you exactly who YOU are, in a way you have never seen before.

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