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Tiny Feet

Not even going to comment on the 365.
No need for you to either.
Thank you.

Here we have a photo from another challenge!
Oh yes, another challenge, you say to yourself….barely hiding a smile.
Go ahead, mock all you want. I’m doing this one.

This is the 30 day challenge. Put on by a group of women from ClickinMoms. A site I just adore…and am actually physically addicted to.

30 days (easy). We have to use our kids as subjects (perfect). And we have a list of themes, one for each day (Thank God).
I can do this.

Except, I already screwed up.

First day…..picture of me and the kids. That picture was horrible. Not posting that.
Day 2…..picture of kid sleeping….well, I almost woke Payton up with the first shot, and wasn’t about to try THAT again to really get a GOOD shot, so I used and old picture.

Confession: this 30 day challenge isn’t working for me.

Until today! Great shot of “Tiny Feet”!! That was the theme.

For day 11.

Today is day 3.


Who cares. I got a picture. ONe I like. One I actually TOOK today. AND, it has the added bonus of being a picture I needed!
Aunt Megan bought them these adorable crocs months 4 months ago! They refuse to wear them!!
Until today.

So I HAD to get a picture of them, in case they never made it onto their feet again.
Hi Aunt Megan!! Great shoes!!

Let’s see if I can do day 3 on day 4, and then somehow try to catch up.

Stick with me.

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  • Leann RobertsHooray! You are back! Your favorite aunt loves your pictures!ReplyCancel

  • MelissaI’m in. What are the 30 themes? Where can a mortal mom find these? 365 failed me, but I figure that I might have a shot at 30.ReplyCancel

    • kimkCheck out my photography board on Pinterest Melissa. The one I’m doing is posted there. But if you search pinterest I bet you can find more.
      Don’t fool yourself though….30 days is still about 28 days too many in a row.ReplyCancel

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