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This is the scene I walked in to the other day.


February 01, 201411-2

Don’t know who bought this doll for us. But thank you very much.

This baby takes a bottle (see exhibit A, on the tub ledge).

Tiny baby, tiny bottle.


That’s enough to fill the diaper.

But what about if one of the girls who lives in my house decides that a bottle is not enough?

This doll is probably super parched from laying around in a basket full of other dolls for the last 3 months.

Maybe this doll needs to chug some water out of a real cup.

(Exhibit B. Polka dot cup on the floor.)

Hmmmm…..that makes this baby pee….A LOT!

A lot more than a wimpy, fake, doll diaper can hold.


Well no, not crap, but URINE!! TONS of it!!

Get some toilet paper! Take her diaper off!!

Let her pee in the tub!!!

And then?

Let’s go find something else to do. This is messy.

Enter mom.

Clean it up? Or take pictures for evidence.


Just not sure how this is going to work to my advantage yet.

But it will.


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