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Navy brats…..

I met Dani when she was an intern, just starting out in pediatrics, I had to teach her how to dose Tylenol….

Now she can handle the most complex, medically fragile kids with ease–and the parents of these children LOVE  her!

She’s leaving San Diego and going to Pensacola in a few weeks because she’s a Navy doctor  (Navy brat) and that’s what they do. I’m not happy about it. Not happy at all.

At work she is always smiling. On the rare occasion I catch her in a bad mood it usually works in my favor as well, because that’s when I hear the really good gossip.

She refers to me as gorgeous (ok, she calls every single one of her girlfriends gorgeous, but how can I not love hearing that??).

But the worst part of her leaving? She’s taking Lily with her.

Lily is her 5 month old daughter. I love her so much, I want to just nibble her rolly little legs!

Look at this girl….

navy brat-kim kelley photo

navy brat-kim kelley photo

navy brat-kim kelley photo

Couldn’t you just eat her up??

I took pictures of Lily when she just a little nut inside her mama’s belly….

I took pictures of Lily when she was a sleepy, pink, warm, wonderful smelling 7 day old….

And these pictures were from a few days ago, she’s just 5 months old.

Seems like time is going so fast, and yet she is still such a tiny little thing….struggling to get her arms to go where she wants them to go, trying to focus on me when I’m calling her name from 12 inches away, and going into tripod position only for half a second before her mama lets her go and she either goes face first into the blanket or straight backwards into her mom’s waiting hands.

I’ll miss you Dani….

And Lily….I’ll never forget you…..

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