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Monday, October 2, 2017


newborn pictures

One of my favorite subjects to photograph are newborns. And I realize, as a mother, it is one of the hardest decisions, picking a photographer to handle your baby and capture those once in a lifetime newborn pictures. New babies grow and change so fast it is so important to make sure you get your little ones photographed while they are still fresh and new! But newborn babies are fragile, and they must be handled so, so carefully, and that is why I try to put my clients at ease and reassure them that they are in good hands with me. I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and between working in the newborn nursery at the hospital and my newborn photography business, I’ve been working with babies for over 13 years!

Newborns are also by far the most challenging of all my subjects. I love chasing around the toddlers on the beach, or running around the 6 month old who is so happy to be sitting in all the different locations I plop her into. But the newborns, although they can barely move, they take up to 4 hours, and I heat the house to 80 degrees, so I’m literally sweating through the session. But if he has a full belly, and is warm and sleepy, there is no other way I’d rather spend my time. I love those tiny creatures and the photos they create are truly works of art.

sweetest baby boy

Clark was the sweetest baby boy. He seemed content enough when we got started, and his mom reported that he had been an amazing sleeper at only 7 days old. But once I got started moving him around, he startled so easily and woke every time I touched him! I made a comment to mom about his amazing sleeping and how he seemed to not want to show me that most desirable skill. She clarified, “oh, if you move his arms, he gets mad.” Sure enough…mess with his legs, flip him over on his back or tummy, wrap him in gauze….whatever you want, he’s down with that. But move his arms? Fix his hands under his chin? Pull his elbows in closer to his chest? Forget it. You touch his arms you have just woken the sleeping dragon. So I did what I could, and he was still sweet as can be, and I didn’t mind that I couldn’t mess with his arms. 🙂


newborn baby boy with arms up by his headnewborn baby boy in B&W smiling close upclose up of baby boy newborn picturesnewborn baby boy curled up in black and whiteblack and white baby toes in dads handsnewborn pictures of dad hands holding baby headnewborn baby boy head to head with momclose up of mom and baby boy on the bednewborn pictures of baby boy with mother on bed kissing his headnewborn baby boy with big sister kissing his head on the bednewborn baby boy with big sister, heads together in B&Wnewborn baby boy in basket


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