Payton’s birthday post is coming up soon, so before we’re too far past, I thought I’d share a few from Tom’s birthday, about a month ago.

I planned a surprise party for him down in La Jolla Shores, one of our favorite spots to hang out.

His mom and sister were in town that weekend for Harper’s First Communion, so they helped distract him and keep him busy while I planned, shopped, decorated, and prepped.



May 17, 2015-42

Turns out it was NOT a total surprise though.

He admitted later that he saw my stash in the garage….36 waters, 3 boxes of goldfish crackers, 2 bottles of Malibu Rum, 6 bottles of tropical juice, just to name a few….

Not the usual stuff we keep in our house. But a lot of guys may not have stumbled upon that stuff, and the surprise would have stayed a surprise.

But Tom LOVES his garage. It’s his 2nd office. It’s his personal space. He owns it, and he moves my stuff somewhere else if it’s infringing on his space.

Granted, he’s allowed the girls bikes, 2 sets of scooters, 4 helmets, 17 balls, tennis racquets, baseball gloves and bat, soccer cleats and balls, and even Cookie to move into the garage with him. But he still tries to keep it “his”.  So when a new stack of stuff appeared in the corner, of course he pulls off the reusable shopping bags (my weak attempt to hide it, without being obvious), and sees it all.

Smart man though, didn’t mention it til later. If I knew he knew, it might have killed it for me too.

May 17, 2015-37

Even though he knew something was up, I don’t think he expected this kind of turnout.

A collection of good friends, good beverages, happy kids playing lawn games, and a taco stand that looks like it’s always been there, in the middle of the grass.

Brian (above) alerted me when he saw Tom coming down the sidewalk. I ran to intercept him.

Looking back….that was dumb.

As the photographer of the party, I should have stayed put, it’s not like he didn’t see us. And I could have captured him coming up.

Instead, I got a different view, one you normally DON’T see. The view he has, arriving at his surprise party. And his amazing friends, so happy to see him.

May 17, 2015-20

The catering was amazing…these guys from The La Jolla Taco Shop came an hour early and put together an entire mini restaurant right on the grass! It was so good….and I felt bad for the people not at our party who came up to try to buy tacos….should have given them all our extra food though, they cooked enough for double our party.

May 17, 2015-93

May 17, 2015-83

May 17, 2015-114

What a life these kids have!

A kick off to summer 2 weeks before school gets out.

Some adults birthday party? Whatever, any excuse to have s’mores is a good one.

May 17, 2015-107

May 17, 2015-90

Good friends….young and old.



May 17, 2015-77

Happy Birthday Lovey.

May 17, 2015-43



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