surf camp 2016

This summer was heavy on the water sports. We’ve always known Harper was part fish, it’s difficult to get that girl out of ANY body of water (shower included). But this summer we discovered that Payton has some skills in the water sports division as well!

It started with our trip to Waupaca, where they spent 16 hours a day in the lake, and learned how to water ski (post on that coming later).

Then the day after we got back from our trip they started Surf camp in Del Mar. I thought there might be some push back since they were worn out from the trip and the recent flight, but there was none. Then come to find out the water temp was colder than it was in June because of some northern front that was coming in, so I thought they’d run for their towels as soon as their toes hit the waves. Wrong about that too. It helped that it was 80+ degrees outside and not a cloud in the sky, so when they came out of the water for a warm up break, it didn’t take too long to feel so hot they wanted back in.

Despite the purple lips, the goosebump covered skin, and the chattering teeth after just a few minutes in the water, they never gave up. They wore only their rash guards the first 3 days, and finally gave in to wearing some of the wet suits that the camp supplies on the last 2 days (huge difference!) (But refused at first due to the stories of boys peeing in wetsuits….Heatherrrrrrr…..)

This was by far the best camp they had all summer in my eyes too. I actually WANTED to stay at the camp this week, unlike other camps where they beg me to watch (tennis, basketball, art….no thanks, I’m sure I have something else I must do).  A little beach time with my adult friends? With someone else keeping their eyes on my kids so I am free to close my eyes, read a book, or chat it up? Sold! More surf camps please!

This is how Harper’s coach got her out to where they needed to be. He held on to the back of her board and popped her as high as he could to get her over the waves. Not only did she stay out of the crashing surf, but she felt like she was at an amusement park ride! The poor coach took the brunt of it though…right in his face. Every single time. I felt like I should tip him after watching them a few hours. Tough job teaching someone how to surf!


Hitting the waves as they head out in Del Mar to surf in surf camp


I don’t know who was more excited when Harper started surfing and riding the wave in….her, me, Tom or her coach. She had quite the cheering team whenever she caught a good one.


Getting the hang of it in surf camp in Del Mar


Not to be outdone….Payton held her own.

In fact, most of us on the beach observing agreed that Payton has better form. Maybe because of her compact size. 🙂

8 year old surfer girl in surf camp in Del Mar

9 year old girl learing to surf in Del Mar surf campyoung girl in purple rash guard surfing in Del Maryoung girl in pink rash guard surfing in Del MarThis about sums it up…..

High fiving the surf camp coach in Del MarLooks like Santa knows what he’s bringing the girls this Christmas!

And me? Sitting on a beach chair and wading into the water only as far as I want to wade in? Now THIS is a sport I can promote!!  And now that I know they can handle June ocean temps (since that’s what they were dealt in August), I think we’ll have a few good months of surf camp next summer!


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