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I drove up to Oceanside a few weeks ago to meet this little boy, and he stole my heart.

I loved the whole family actually. They were so incredibly sweet. They were so grateful to have me there, they acted like it’s a privilege they didn’t deserve. It was kind of overwhelming, because they didn’t see what a privilege it is for ME, and how much I enjoy it.

7 day old newborn boy Oceanside, CA 7 day old newborn boy Oceanside, CA

I know he looks like a sleeping angel in these pictures, but he actually was quick to wake up and start crying….and only his mama could help him! 🙂

So I would rock him and shhhhsh him and ever so gently lay him into the position, and then I had to barely touch him if I wanted to change positions. So there were a lot of very similar poses, which I didn’t like, but his parents were still happy with.

7 day old baby boy photographed in his home in Oceanside by Kim Kelley Photography affordable newborn photography Oceanside San Diego

I don’t remember them having any requests really, except for this one. Dad is in the Navy, and pretty decorated (I should be able to say that with proper wording, since I work with Naval officers most of the week, but that’s as much as I can get out tonight. )”Pretty decorated”-that means his little boy was barely able to lay his head against his daddy’s chest without banging around all those medals and causing a lot of clanging and crashing!

But of course the little man was not in the mood to lay down in dad’s arms and rest his head on a bunch of medals…he was fussy, maybe hungry (again??), and crying during this part of the shoot. Dad would actually run around the house bouncing and swinging him to try to calm him down and then come flying back into the room land back into the position for a quick snap or two. This is as good as it got. But I think it will do. Who would balk at this adorable boy in the arms of decorated military officer?
Baby boy with his dad in his Navy uniform in Oceanside San Diego

And then back to real life….which is sure to be a common sighting over the next few months.   And one that seems to make the little guy very happy.
Navy dad and his newborn baby boy in San Diego affordable newborn photography San Diego Oceanside
No doubt this little guy is already the center of their universe. And for good reason…
Affordable family photography in Oceanside San Diego

family photography with newborn baby boy in Oceanside CA

I was thrilled to hear that this sweet, sweet family wanted to sign up for the “first year collection”.  This is a great deal for them, making a years worth of photo shoots much more affordable. And it’s a great deal for me, so I can leave their house knowing I’m going to see them again in a few short months.

Taking pictures of a family in their home, especially with their newborn, is a very intimate thing to do. I have to gain their confidence, and they have to trust me with their brand new, most precious new baby. And the newborn shoots take up to 4 hours sometimes (as in this case)….so it would be hard after that first shoot is over, to never see them again! But luckily I will see this little guy several times during his first year, and that is a good thing.  I would certainly miss him….
Loving parents looking at sleeping newborn on their bed in Oceanside CA newborn baby boy feet picture in Oceanside CA


If you are interested in finding out more about scheduling a photo shoot with me please visit my website, or call me. I would love to hear from you…everyone deserves great photos.

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