summertime 6 month old baby girl-San Diego baby photographer

This sweet little 6 month old baby girl was a complete joy to photograph….again. I haven’t seen her since her newborn photo shoot I did at her house, but I wasn’t surprised that over the last few months she has gotten even cuter and cuter.

sweet baby girl at Presidio Park


I love doing photo shoots of 6 month olds. I’ve said it before, but they are my absolute favorites. What’s not to love? Chubby cheeks, smiley toothless grins, roly-poly arms and legs….and the best part….they are great sitters, but not yet crawlers.

That means LOTS of opportunities to pose them, take my time, and wait for the perfect little picture.

Summertime photo shoot of 6 month old baby girl

And the girls…how can you resist the girls?? The bows, the frilly dresses, the ruffles and lace…..maybe I’m biased, but I could photograph 6 month old baby girls every day and I’d be thrilled to do it!

Happy 6 month old baby girl on bricks at Presidio Park


I love this family, and love this little girl, and love the beautiful photographs I captured of all of them at Presidio Park.

But this family is special too….they are the only ones I photograph that I always get hilarious outtake photos. So why not end this beautiful photo spread with some of the best outtakes from the day?

San Diego newborn-baby-family photographer


Sorry baby girl….not sure what was going on here, but not your best face.

San Diego newborn-baby-family photographer


Didn’t like that face? Ok, show me your mad face!!

02August 24, 2013

This one just cracks me up. Her mom, trying to get out of the shot, but also trying to make sure the baby is not going to tip over, just looks like a stalker/kidnapper coming in for the kill.

And finally….

San Diego newborn-baby-family photographer

No one gives me better outtakes than this little girl.

Thank you for another wonderful 6 month old baby photo shoot…..


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