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Summertime family photos with a 2 year old girl at the beach

summertime family photos

Just those words alone bring a smile to my face. Maybe because I’ve been through two girls, two summers, two years old….and it’s a scream. Literally and figuratively.

(But I still stand by my pledge that 3 year olds are MUCH WORSE than 2 year olds….but that’s a different topic for a blog post. And luckily, one that I don’t have to revisit personally!)

This little princess was extremely disinterested in our summertime family photo shoot. And my secret weapon, Elmo, was not able to stay where he usually stays….tucked inside the top of my shirt, right by my face (camera) so he’s something interesting to look at. Oh no. Elmo was held, cuddled, dragged, propped, and front in center in almost every photo!! Take Elmo away? Loudest screams (instant) you’ve ever heard. Try to move him at least out of the frame? He gets snatched up and held even closer and tighter to the body.

So I had to do some creative cropping, and editing, and photoshopping…. and some pictures just have freaking Elmo in them.

picture of 2 year old girl at Powerhouse park in Del Mar

But summertime, 2 year old girl, ocean, beach, and her daddy….makes for a pretty sweet summertime family photo shoot. I will say one thing about this little girl, her photos truly represent who she really is. And as a photographer, that is what I aim to capture. She let it all out there, so with her it was easy. Taking pictures of her exploring the beach, testing the waters, and hanging onto dad’s hand just to be safe…..we were both in our element. I loved it. And i think she did too.


little girl on the beach photography



2 year old girl photographed on pink chair at Powerhouse park in del mar

Powerhouse Park in Del Mar is a beautiful back drop for family photos. I love shooting there because of all the different landscapes. Here is another photo shoot with a little 1 year old boy at Powerhouse Park.

Summertime photo shoots at the beach with a gorgeous little girl….gotta love this job!summertime family photo shoots

We are in the middle of summer now, so if you are longing for some playful, happy, carefree summertime family photos, it’s not too late! 🙂  You can call or email me and I’d love to meet you to play on the beach!

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