summer | Kim Kelley Photography


Love it.

The girls pretty much live outside….as you can see in these pictures.

May 15, 20147

May 15, 20149


May 15, 20146


I want to take this opportunity to point out Harper’s braid.

I love it. She loves it. Only happens about 4 times a year, when I take her to the kids salon for a haircut and they put it in.

May 15, 20143May 15, 20142

Here we have Payton, the very next night.

She wanted the braid re-created from yesterday.

May 16, 201421

My feeble attempt.

Better than nothing (is what I tell them).


May 16, 201414

I’d also like to point out….they like to live outdoors, but not without the comforts of the indoors.


May 16, 201413

Happy summer everyone! Soak it all in….


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