St. John

After a long red eye to Charlotte, another flight to St. Thomas, a van ride, then a boat ride, we finally made it to St. John for Spring Break!  The very first day, they made this new friend. There were two of them hanging out in the palm trees in the middle of the pool. They’d climb up and down and get everyone in the pool excited (freaked out) that they’d jump into the pool and come after us.  We thought those were the only two.  We were very very wrong.

These guys were EVERYWHERE! Big ones, small ones, their hang out was on the grass right in front of our villa. I think I almost stepped on them daily. The little ones tried to run and get out of our way, but the big guys did not care. They’re not moving for anyone. The kids LOVED them.

st johnWe actually brought REAL friends with us though, so the lizard was just an extra bonus.
This was THE best vacation …..going to the Carribbean with friends…..genius!  Barely even heard a peep out of the girls they were so busy having the time of their lives! So so much better than just the 4 of us! And the girl time with Denise going paddle boarding, going to yoga, and going to the poolside bar, well, those were nice perks too!
St. JohnTom obviously got some down time for himself as well…..
St. John

The girls were excited that I actually swim in the ocean!! I think they believed that I only go in to my knees, because that’s all I can tolerate most summers in the Pacific. But the Caribbean is a whole different story…the water is so warm and clear, I never wanted to get out.

This beach is Hawksnest. We rented a car and drove to a few other beaches for the day. This happens to be the very beach where Tom proposed to me many, many years ago! Kind of awesome to come full circle and bring our kids back to the place where it all started!

st john-45


I can’t say enough great things about the Westin that we stayed at.  The villa was gorgeous, the food was delicious, and the attempts to please the kids never ended! There was hair braiding, as you can see below, movie nights at the pool, tons of other kids to play with, ice cream sundaes on the pool deck, organized games, rafts and floats and paddleboards for the taking, and huge inflatables out in the water to keep them entertained and water logged. Plus the swim up bar….did I mention it’s happy hour all day long?  Incredible place…highly recommend it.



vacation to St. John

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