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I admit, I’ve been super lazy about posting these pictures. Soccer season was this summer, and it’s almost time to start up the season again, yet I’m just getting around to showing these pictures.  Lame. Sorry.

However it’s very pertinent right now. We are actually at a point in the year that Harper must decide if she’d rather play spring soccer or spring basketball. Her bball season just ended, you’ve seen the post about that. A sport that I thought she would have to suffer through and endure a single season, just for the sake of her dad, so he could get over the fact that he doesn’t have any sons to play and watch basketball with. However, the exact opposite turned out to be true. In fact, BOTH of our girls actually LOVE basketball, and both are pretty good at it! One thing I wasn’t expecting, is how competitive Harper is on the court. And how mad she is when they lose. She may have had that temperament regardless, but I’m sure having Tom as her coach the last 2 seasons did nothing to calm her competitive spirit.

Back to soccer though, it was another sport she started seriously playing last summer. And when I mean serious, I mean it’s the first time she played actual games and had weekly practices. She did the little kid soccer stuff, where they run around cones and chase each other and then OOPS! she just kept running right over to the playground nearby, I’ll go get her and bring her back! This was real. And she had a real coach, who actually kind of intimidated me. I kept complaining to Tom that he was too hard on her, and she can’t handle the yelling, and we should pull her out and put her in some pansy team that only compliments her and hugs her if she needs it and makes her think she’s the next Hope Solo.  Well, good thing no one listens to me. She was a lousy soccer player in the beginning of the season, embarrassing even, receiving the most “coaching” during practice. But within weeks she picked up on the game, improved her skills, and really got into it! I won’t say she was a superstar, but I would vote for her as most improved. And she loved it. And so I forgave the coach, and I will suffer through more Saturday mornings sitting in the sweltering sun on the sidelines.

girl soccer playerI can’t remember if she ever scored a goal. That’s the thing I hate about soccer, is it’s such a low scoring game. But I do remember telling her at one point she’ll get $5 for a goal, and $1 if she gets her foot on the ball. And now it’s coming back to me….she did weasel $5 out of me for a ball she kicked into the goal post that shot way right into the nearby field, but “would have been a goal if that post wasn’t in the way!” I was a sucker. I bought it. Literally.

girls playing soccer in summergirls summer soccer leagueI did capture one of the celebrations after a goal. They were pretty excited. And the girls I’m taking pics of, celebrating, are not the girls who kicked the ball in! But that’s the beauty of being on a team, you get to celebrate no matter how small a role you played in the goal.


after a girsl soccer goalgirls soccer scoring a goalafter a girls soccer goalI know, I know, for those of you who aren’t grandparents or aunts and uncles of Harper, this post is boring you to tears.  I am the first to agree that I have no interest in hearing about how great someone’s kid is at sports.

So here’s what you’re waiting for. The blooper shots, and my less than supportive commentary about my own poor child. But again, that’s why you’re here, so I will give you what you came for.

Take this picture for instance, she looks a bit like Hellen Keller trying to play soccer. Does she see that ball? Did she just kick it backwards? Proprioception. Learn it.

3rd grade soccer girlsHow about this example of great coaching?

I’m not being facetious, he really is a great coach. But what do you do when your players blatantly do the opposite of what you want? Like Harper. She is certainly not prepared to throw the ball in the way he wants her to.

Don’t worry, coach, I got this.

Did I mention they won only 2 games all season?

Yep, she’s got this.


girls soccerThis.

An example of poor soccer playing.

A whiff?

Another attempt to kick it backwards?

A practice kick above the ball before she kicks the actual ball?

Not sure. And now, will never know. Better luck next season.
girls soccerThe next 2 pictures go together.

First, a normal looking photo. Harper in red shirt, coming up on the girl in blue shirt, hoping to steal the ball if she’s lucky.

girls soccer
And then WOAH!!!….Go Go Gadget activate in the form of a giant! How did she grow a foot and a half taller in one frame?  Looks like Godzilla towering over that poor girl in blue shirt who (unfortunately for her) stayed the same height the whole game!

girls soccer


I’m done with my bragging and my heckling….thanks for staying with me til the end! 🙂

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