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8 day old baby girl

This little sleepy newborn baby girl was much anticipated. Her mom and I work together, so I watched her belly grow. I waited and waited until it seemed like she was way overdue and the baby would never come and something must be wrong. But no, it was just the final weeks, taking forever, as it goes when you are eagerly awaiting anything this special to arrive.  

When she finally arrived I was lucky enough to be working in the hospital the day she was discharged. So I got to meet her when she was only 24 or so hours old. Her tiny, pink, perfect mouth was the first thing that struck me. I couldn’t stop looking at her tiny lips, they were (and still are) phenomenal. Not sure how her mom gets anything done anymore…I would just stare at that sweet face all day. 

Family Photos with the baby and dog

I had to laugh so hard at this crew when it came time for the family photos. The sleepy newborn baby girl was waking up, starting to get fussy, and was sick of my posing and my wraps, so we decided to end with a few of the family. The “family” includes a 2 year old maltipoo, who was MORE than ready to participate and more importantly, be the star of the show. And dad suddenly panicked when it was time for his close up. He had questions on the best shirt, questions on the best looking pair of glasses….definitely more high maintenance than his wife! But it all worked out, everyone looked great, and we wrangled the dog and squeezed everyone together for a sweet family photo.  Another newborn session that took about 4 hours, which has come to be the norm, but a successful one at that. 

baby girl with pink crownclose up of newborn girl with eyes openclose up of newborn girlsleepy newborn baby girl with bear hatbaby girl with puckered lipssleeping, wrapped baby girlB&W newborn baby girlclose up of newborn girlnewborn baby girl in stocking capnewborn baby girl with flower headband

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