Ski week

We have Ski Week in February.

It’s another opportunity for parents to panic about having their kids out of school for a week and try to figure out what to do with them.

A little Frozen, anyone?

The past 2 years we avoided any kind of skiing during ski week.  Last year we hit up Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The year before that….we probably lied and said it wasn’t any kind of special week, and a babysitter would be coming while Tom and I went to work. (Lame, I know)

This year, we decided to do what we are supposed to do.  It’s not just the peer pressure from parents at school, telling stories of how they got their kids up on skis, and how much they loved it. It’s my own self inflicted pressure too….seeing as how I grew up in Colorado, started skiing myself before I was in Kindergarten, taught ski lessons to kids the same age as my own when I was in high school, and Tom and I each have family members who own houses up on the mountian. So what’s our deal? Why are we holding out?

Good question. So we went. And they loved it. And now they’re going to expect it. Every year.

And THAT, my friends, is why we should have continued to hold out…..


This picture should make my Colorado friends weep.


February 15, 201516

This is what happens when you don’t bring your brood home to Colorado for Christmas every year.

My poor girl, trying to catch the first snowflakes she’s ever seen fall, on her tongue.

Chance of catching one?


Chance of her stopping before her neck stiffens up and she can’t bring her face back to midline?


February 15, 201512

I guess she’ll stop if she gets fuzz on her tongue.

Or whatever that is that she is trying to pull off.


February 15, 20156

Colorado. An excuse to wear Uggs, fleece jackets, and scarves and gloves.

Even if you’re sweating to death in them….



But not to worry, it got colder, and the snow fell harder. (this is the same day, couple hours later)


February 15, 201528

Tongue still catching what it can…..

But better odds now.


February 15, 201521

Finally, enough snow  to make snowmen

(see the tiny guy in between her legs?)

The adults were not in full snow gear, so no one was willing to build a REAL snowman…just baby snow men here.

February 15, 201518

Payton’s first snowball!

(She’s about to put it in the freezer. And Gramps and Nana Kathy…. she expects it to be there when she returns to Colorado for her next visit!)
February 16, 201539

More than enough snow for sledding in the backyard.

February 16, 201548
And snow angels of course (where’s the hat now? sheesh. )
February 16, 201553
And finally, a look at how Payton sleds.

Starting off ok. Trying to get her balance.

February 16, 2015111
Picking up speed.

Notice where the hands are headed.
February 16, 2015112
She can’t bear to watch herself go down.

Probably the reason why she tipped.
February 16, 2015113
Game over.
February 16, 2015114
Let’s try this again, shall we?

Getting in place.

February 16, 201559
The splits over the sled….the only way to keep that sucker from taking off without you!

February 16, 201563
Oh, a new technique…immediate cover up. Don’t want to watch a single minute of this ride I guess!

February 16, 201571
Here comes the tip.
February 16, 201572
Man down!
February 16, 201573
Wait. I’m pretty sure she’s stopped moving at this point.

Why is she still hiding from the hill?
February 16, 201574
Oh. My bad. The fall was not complete til now.

Ski week.  They love it. (actual ski pictures on iPhone only, so this looks like “Sled week”, but there was actual skiing involved!)

February 16, 201575
Couple days later….saying goodbye to Gramps and Nana Kathy so we can head up to the mountains and ski.

Look how clean and dry that sidewalk is!!
(Guess who didn’t love that?? Yes, there’s a reason Tom and I live in California, where shoveling is not required. Ow, my back still hurts looking at that bone dry sidewalk!)

February 17, 2015128

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