Shelter Island photos with 1 year old boy

Shelter Island photos with 1 year old boy

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Celebrating 1 year old boy

This little guy turning 1 year old was a milestone worth celebrating with a round of family photos. We met at Shelter Island, where I have not spent a lot of time, and I had a blast chasing him around with my camera. We spent about an hour together, shooting, posing, chasing, changing locations, starting over again….until he had it. It was full blown melt down of epic proportions. The kind that I am quick to walk away from, since it’s not my kid, and I think his parents would have liked to do the same. But I must say, it was pushing his bedtime to the limit, and he was a trooper until he just couldn’t muster anymore energy to play, and then he broke.

Shelter Island

Doing a photo shoot on Shelter Island was a real treat. It is gorgeous down there, and not too crowded. I will regret posting this the next time I go down there to take photos and I have to wait in line behind all the other photogs who have swarmed the place. That really happens. Doubtful it will happen here just because I mentioned it, but the best spots in San Diego, come late October, early November, when everyone is scrambling to get Christmas photos, are dreadful. You seriously have to get your spot in line to get your photo. It’s not too bad, unless you have little bitties who are in no mood to 1. wait, 2. stay clean while they wait (I’m talking about YOU Scripps Pier beach!), and 3. be ready to pose and look cute the moment it’s our turn! So crowds are not my friend when it’s photo time. Maybe I’ll have to hit up Shelter Island a little more often!



young family on grass with sailboat harborfamily of three lying on stomachs on grass in front of bay


young family playing on grass in B&W

family of three lying on stomachs on grass in front of bayparents kissing cheeks of toddler boyB&W toddler looking up at the cameratoddler boy playing with bubbles on the grassfamily of 3 with little boy on the San Diego Bay

B&W close up of 1 year old boy

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