Senior pictures on the beach | Del Mar high school senior photographer

I took pictures of this beautiful girl just days before she left for college.  I didn’t know it at the time, but she never did get professional senior pictures taken (and definitely no senior pictures on the beach). So my worries about “redundant” photos were unfounded.

So I didn’t take them for her senior yearbook, and I didn’t really take them for her either….I took them for her mom.

Her mom, currently driving her to college in Texas as I type this, takes care of my two little girls every day, and does a fantastic job doing it too.

She’s been crying for the last few months, thinking of this day, the day that she leaves her baby behind and drives away without her.

I’m almost crying just typing that out. And that’s funny, since today I put my girls to bed without stories I was so mad at them. But it never fails, get them to sleep, and all the good thoughts come back, and the thought of losing them cuts you to the bone.

But there is NOTHING I treasure more than the photos of my kids. I also love the pictures of my husband, my parents and sister, and all the other family members. But my kids pictures? I would run back into the burning house to grab those.

So I wanted this woman, someone who is very near and dear to me, and someone who cares for my children as if they are her own, to have one last photo of her most precious thing in life.

I made her look at the pictures while she was at my house.

And yes….

She cried.


senior pictures on the beach

senior pictures on the beach

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