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Fall is around the corner! (sorry, those of you who haven’t really started to enjoy summer yet, that is especially hard to hear). But it is, and it will be here before you know it. So what does that mean for me? School photography season! I LOVE school photography. The preschoolers are my favorite, but the elementary school kids are pretty fun too.

Preschool Photography

These guys are the best! Some are shy, some can’t stop talking long enough to smile for the camera. Regardless, parents LOVE these photos because they are so authentic. I never ever tell anyone to “say cheese”. Instead, I ask them questions (Do you have any pet penguins? Do they have to live in your freezer?) Or I tell jokes (usually has the word fart or poop in it) Or I sing songs wrong (think alphabet with a few numbers thrown in). Sometimes I get very quizzical faces, sometimes I get kids doubled over laughing. Whatever the reaction, I keep shooting, and I give you all of those options when it comes time to pick your favorite photographs. I want you to look at your school photos and not only recognize your child, but think what a gorgeous piece of art as well.

Elementary School Photography

A little bit harder to photograph, as some of these kids are NOT feeling it when I stand before them and start cracking the jokes. But I have found that some are very interested in telling me about themselves! So if I open the door to listen to how they are headed to Grandma’s house for dinner tonight, or how they had a math test they aced just a few hours ago, it lights up their face and I start shooting. Whatever it takes, I’m ready to comply. And to think, I only have 1-2 minutes with each kid. So it’s hard work, and I’m ready for wine at 4:00 when I get home, but it’s SO much fun! And the feedback I hear from parents, who LOVE their photos, and are so happy to have better school photography finally, makes it all worth it.

Does Your School Want Better School Photos?

You deserve this! Contact me or have your school contact me. I can give them an information packet and go over all the benefits of bringing this to your school. I give 10% back to the school, so consider this a win-win. You get great photographs, the school has a successful fundraiser. Oh, and you are the bigger winner, because if you are the one to introduce me to your school, you get all your child’s photographs for free!

Don’t hesitate, you know fall is coming! 🙂

B&W of dark haired preschool girl

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little boy for school photos against black backdrop
preschool boy in sweater against black backdrop for school photos
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