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After school activities.

I am so very lucky.  Every day when we get home from school, the first thing Harper does is pull out her homework and get started on it.

This is not something Tom and I enforced. It just happened. She likes to do it, and often times, she’ll finish all 4 days worth of homework on Monday or Tuesday afternoon.

Payton, never wanting to be left out, always wanting to fit in, also does her homework. There is no official homework sent from school, so she will figure out something to work on and get to it. It may be coloring, or it may be writing, or reading, or it may just be sitting on my lap, quizzing me about the patients I saw in the hospital, or why I don’t know how to drive daddy’s vespa, or why I don’t wear long dresses and high heels when I’m cooking dinner.

The quizzes are the least favorite part of my time with Payton. I always end up feeling incompetent and ugly.

But on the bright side, Harper gets time to finish her homework.

Here she is, happy to be writing out a story about what it would be like to shrunken down to the size of a toothpick.

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And Payton is working on her reading.

Del Mar Family Photographer


Del Mar Family Photographer

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So, when homework is done, it is time to play!

I am lucky when they choose barbies, or baby dolls, or coloring as their pasttime. It’s quiet, relatively mess-free (if you ignore the hundreds of teeny-tiny barbie shoes, brushes, necklaces, crowns, purses, silverware, etc scattered all over the carpet….waiting to be sucked up by the vaccuum….and later to be searched for desperately, possibly leading to tears, and promises of buying her a new pink barbie crown that is worth 2 cents but costs $4 and will never stay on barbie’s head and will be forgotten, or lost again, within 24 hours. Ignore that, and barbies are a good thing.)

But today, today was different. I saw a different side of them, and I’m not sure where these learned behaviours came from.

Today was a catwalk/fashion show.

First pose, not too bad. I can tell Harper is following Payton’s lead though.  And I’m not sure a model would wear socks to a fashion show.

Del Mar Family Photographer

Now here we have Payton really taking the lead. Changing the angle, changing the hand placement, giving me a winning smile.

She’s really got it going on.

Except for the round, brown stain on her white shirt.

I thought models don’t eat lunch.

Del Mar Family Photographer
Now this.

This concerns me.

I am NOT making those faces or holding my chin like this at home.

What sort of magazines are we bringing home? What TV shows are the babysitters watching? What sort of after school activities are they doing in childcare?

Who taught her this?

And why is she so good at it at 5 years old?

Del Mar Family Photographer

Scarier still.

She’s really sucking in those cheeks now!

And why is her hip cocked out so far?

What kind of stuff is this girl looking at without me???


But then we look at Harper. Dear, sweet Harper.  She just doesn’t “have it” like Payton does.

There she is, arms and elbows all long and pointy and gawky.

And looking more like she’s about to perform a chiropractic neck maneuver than strike a pose.
Del Mar Family Photographer

I made a joke. About modeling.

And it was funny.


Look at Harper.

It must have been VERY funny.


But someone is taking this modeling thing very seriously, and doesn’t find my humor funny.

Well, she does actually, you can see the smirk, but she’s already smart enough to try to hide it.

You can’t hide it kid! I know I’m funny!

Del Mar Family Photographer

But always the professional, she keeps on striking poses through the jokes and the laughter!


Del Mar Family Photographer

And finally….one last chance for Harper to redeem herself and get a good “hand under your chin, hip out” pose.

I think she did great.  That’s the perfect amount of hip thrust for a 7 year old. Take note 5 year olds everywhere! Keep your hips in!

And the supportive little sister in the background. Always camera ready.


Del Mar Family Photographer

Tomorrow’s after school activity is barbies.

Bring on the tiny shoes.

Keep your hands off your face and hips.


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  • Leann RobertsLove these pictures! They are precious!

    I remember when the “Spice Girls” were all the rage when Sharla and Andrea were in elementary school, and my horror when I heard them singing along with
    “Come a little bit closer baby, get it on, get it on,
    ‘Cause tonight is the night when two become one ”

    What happened to my babies!ReplyCancel

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