San Diego Winter | 365: days 14-15

January 2014 1

This is Payton playing outside 2 days ago. I thought the hat would be a cute picture…something different. But I hate to say it, she just looks weird.

I don’t know if it’s because she looks like she has no hair. Or her eyes look too dark. Or there are bags under her eyes. Or her skin looks too pale.

Ok. As I’m writing all that down I’m realizing I’m describing a vampire, which, coincidentally, I’ve been reading about for the last 3+ months.

Let me veer off course a minute here.

I barely mentioned to my friend in October that I kinda wanted to read Twilight but not really because I need to read something more intellectually stimulating, but it would sort of be tempting, but I shouldn’t because all I’ve read the whole last year was trash, and I really need to stimulate my mind, and hey how about picking up a medical journal once in a while, but damn it would be so easy to read…..and suddenly the book is in my hands. The first book. Since then I’ve read the next 2 books, and am on the 4th (and hopefully final) book in the vampire series.  I am not a fast reader. Especially when I start at 9:45pm and have to wake up at 5am. So it’s taking me a while. Therefore, I feel like the ONLY thing I’ve been able to think about in my spare time is vampires, and now, my child is starting to resemble one.

Hopefully not to everyone else. Just me.

But anyway, project 365, running out of time that day, so I have to use my vampire offspring for today’s picture.

But actually, that hat works well to complement tomorrows picture (coming right up!).

This blog is titled San Diego Winter after all….

so is it not appropriate that she’s wearing a winter hat on Jan 14th?

It is right?? Yes!! It is!!

Ok, well how about the fact that 24 hours later, on Jan 15th, she’s wearing….

January 2014 5


Yes. That’s right people. It’s been 82 degrees the last 2 days. Not to say that 3 days ago, the day of the hat, was “cold” by any means, but it was really just a hat day. Not a cold weather hat day. Sorry to mislead you.  But it was a great lead in to swimsuit day.

Here are some Project 365 pics from day 15. Both girls brought a friend home from school for a playdate.

I felt like I was throwing an impromptu birthday party! Funny how you double the number of kids in your house and suddenly it feels like a party. I was catering to them, scrounging for 4x the number of snacks, cleaning up 4x the number of wet towels and swim suits, picking up 4x the number of popcorn crumbs from every single corner of the house, etc. Playdates are supposed to help me keep the kids entertained so I can do my own stuff. Party planner and social coordinator was not on that list of things I wanted to get done that afternoon.

But they had fun. Soaking each other inside the trampoline took up most of the playdate.

January 2014 4January 2014 3January 2014 2January 2014 6

Here are the little cuties all calmed down. Eating round # 15 of snacks. Good Lord.

San Diego Winter


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