High School Senior Portraits | San Diego

I love taking senior portraits. The kids are so excited about the upcoming year, about finishing school and thinking about their futures. Senior portraits are like the one thing left that their mom wants them to do, that they are still willing to do.

Most seniors may not look forward to the photo shoot, but once we get started, we always have fun, and time just flies by!

I have been so busy getting the kids ready to get back in the school routine, and working myself, I totally forgot to post this senior portrait session!

This is my most important client yet.

My handsome nephew, Greyson.


Handsome senior sitting in the field

I can’t believe he’s 18, and he’s a senior, and he’s looking at colleges this weekend.

What happened to little baby G-man?

The first born grand baby.

My first nephew.

The baby that made me break down and sob when I met him in the hospital the day he was born.

The baby my sister told me to stop dressing up in all his outfits and posing him for pictures because he must be tired of getting dressed and undressed 20 times in one hour, just so I can see how cute he is in every tiny outfit.


Senior boy leaning on a fence at sunset

This is him.

I have a hard time believing it.

But it’s true, and I had the honor of taking his senior pictures.

I hope he thinks I did him justice.

Senior portrait with cowboy sitting in a field

He is a cowboy.

There is no denying this.

He has become even more of a cowboy than his father, who set the cowboy role model in motion.

San Diego Senior portraits

He raises farm animals.

He drives a truck.


Sweet senior boy sitting on a wooden trailer

He wears boots and a hat.

High school senior wearing a cowboy hat

But most importantly,

he’s kind, and he’s smart, and he’s funny, and he’s a hard worker, working at least 2 jobs at a time since the day he was old enough to hold a job.

He kisses his mom, and he makes her laugh.

He holds the door for his girlfriend.

And he goes bowling with his aunt when she comes into town. 🙂

Hight school senior leaning on fence at sunset

Senior leaning on fence at sunset

I don’t get to see him enough, and if he goes away to college, I’ll probably see him even less.

But he will always hold a special place in my heart, as the first baby to enter our lives as the next generation.

As the only baby I tried to knit a sweater for, and write silly books for.

As the boy who’s had to do everything first, and lead the way for his siblings and cousins, as we navigate this new world as parents by watching how you figure it out.

You have an incredible future ahead of you Greyson. I’m so proud of you and who you’ve become.

And even though you probably didn’t even want these senior portraits taken of you, thank you for letting your mom and I have our way with you and dress you up and pose you….one final time.

Love you forever….

aunt Kim



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