Sweet baby girl | Springtime | San Diego

Meet Emily. I am so lucky that I met this fabulous family and got to photograph their sweet baby girl last week.

She is an absolute angel (with a healthy pair of lungs), and her parents were incredible.

They are first time parents. But you’d never have guessed.

I told them that Emily may get fussier and cry more if mom is around, because she will be able to smell her.

So basically, Emily’s mom let me in, and then disappeared.

It was hilarious. And amazing.

Because I say that true statement ALL THE TIME to newborn families, but no one can ever tear themselves away from their crying baby.

I don’t blame them. Not at all.

But it really really helps the photo shoot.

I was there for 4 hours….and I got a lot of pictures…but it could have been much longer, with fewer good shots, if mom hadn’t followed my suggestion.


Congratulations to the sweet new family!
I loved spending the day with you all.

Sweet baby girl with her head propped in her hands




Cute baby toes peeking out of the blanket


San Diego newborn girl Kim Kelley Photography


Hilarious family photo with newborn baby and cat



Happy new family with baby girl in the park



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