San Diego holiday mini shoot | Scripps Pier Family Photography

Scripps Pier Family Photography

Holiday mini shoots were a huge success!

I’ve been so far behind with posting…..I keep getting alerts from Facebook and my blog host, telling me to post, it’s been too long.

Well, won’t be happening too much in December.

I have WAY too much to do this month, and it makes me feel like running to the toilet to vomit when I think about the list I’m refusing to make because it’s too long and scary.

One weekend booked with Harper’s birthday.

Next weekend booked with my birthday (very low interest in this house for celebrating my birthday. Me included.), and cookie baking for Tom’s accounts. As well as holiday baking for neighbors, teachers, etc.

Next weekend booked with Rancho Bernardo Inn Snores and Smores which has become a holiday tradition with friends…a sleepover where no one gets enough sleep.

And then boom. It’s Christmas.


Still haven’t discussed Christmas cards, Harper’s birthday cake, Harper’s birthday present, Christmas presents for anyone, putting lights on the trees outside, snacks for the Brownie meeting, Tom going back to Milwaukee, more photo shoots, more birthday parties, and a mammogram.

That’s just to start.

So, here is one of the photo shoots from November.

One of my new favorite spots to shoot.

Going back there this Saturday in fact.



scripps pier family photography

This family makes me smile.

We met through our kids, they were in class together.

She practically runs the school.

And she can talk Tom under the table if she needs to.


scripps pier family photography

Can’t even count how many emails we exchanged about outfits.

She was ready to go out and shop 3-4 times if she needed to to get it right.

And I was acting as her stylist. Which, if anyone knows me, is hilarious.

I can advise people on what to wear, but unless I’m advising to wear black, I am not usually following my own advice.


scripps pier family photography

But I love what she chose.

And as a matter of fact, she wore black!

But with awesome splashes of color.

And her splashes matched with the rest of her clan.

She nailed it.

affordable family photography

How can you go wrong with a gorgeous family against a gorgeous backdrop down at the pier?

Thank you for making this shoot easy on me Jen….it was a pleasure.


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