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Championship Soccer Game


Soccer playoffs

It’s a bit disconcerting to be writing this post, as soccer season ended several months ago, and I am chest deep into basketball season with both of my girls. It is eat, sleep and breath basketball right now, but since before I know it, soccer season will return, and I’ll have a different set of photos, different colored jerseys, and different teammates to write about, I decided I will take a break from basketball to finally finish up this soccer post.

Playoffs occur before the soccer season ends. It’s kind of crazy to be finished with the championship game, and still have 1 or 2 regular schedule games to complete afterward. But they tell me it’s because the final games are right before and right after Thanksgiving break, so they lose a lot of players those weeks and don’t want the championship games to be played missing half the team members.

So here we are, the 3rd game into the championship. We won on Saturday, and returned on Sunday for the semi final and final game. The early morning semi final had a few purple tatoos and some purple hair spray. But after the win and the donuts to celebrate the win, the girls and I took off for Party City to bulk up the Purple Thunder representation.  We returned with double the face tatoos (I guess they were actually stickers, not tatoos, as they were gone after the first shower after the game, much to Harper’s dismay), more purple hair chalk, purple twisty lollipops for the after celebration, and purple bullhorns to Payton to shout through. We were geared up and ready. This game was heavy with anticipation.  We were playing an undefeated team who we had played once before and tied. The team was essentially the Ocean Air team. Our school had been divided up between all the coaches, but this team was heavy with OA players, so it felt a little more competitive to us and the desire to win a little stronger. And the coach was Harper’s old coach, so she felt she had something to prove.

It was a tense game. I was unable to talk to the other team’s moms after the second half, too much pressure and too stressful to chit chat when I’m screaming at our team to stick it to the others.  So I kept to my own side. At the end of the game, it was tied again. But it was the final game, so it would not end there. To make matters worse, Harper was playing goalie just minutes before, and her team got a penalty kick against them. So we had to watch the poor kid stand alone in that goal box and wait for the other player to smash that ball into her face. And that’s almost exactly what happened, except the ball was kicked so hard, it hit the top of the goal post and flew backwards! No goal!! Hooray! Get Harper out of that goalie!  But I guess that’s what Harper was thinking too, because she moved, too early, and the ref blew his whistle. Tom and I stop celebrating and sighing with relief and try to read lips from across the field. Suddenly, Harper is back in the goal box, and the kicker is lining up with the ball again. What the hell????  Again??? So I’m no soccer expert, but I guess you can only move side to side during the penalty kick block, not forward and back? And I guess Harper moved forward after the ball hit the goal, so they called a do-over. Seconds away from my heart bursting from my chest, I watch and wait for the second goal. This one went in. So Harper feels devastated, I feel like rescuing her, but don’t dare run over there and embarrass her, and so the game goes on. Time runs out and it’s a tie game.

How do they end a time game in the championship? Penalty kicks. Ugh. More penalty kicks.

Each team takes a turn til one team gets 3 goals. Luckily Harper was not going to be the goalie this time. But she did end up getting chosen to be the 3rd kicker for our team. The score was 2-1. We were ahead. We only needed 1 more goal to win the game. Harper goes up to the line, Tom and I cling to each other (no, not really, but those of you who know us well know how hilarious that would look!), and we hold our breath and wait.


The final photos below are the best I could do with trying to watch the game, trying to breathe, and trying to capture the moment. But the bottom line is, Harper scored the winning goal. We couldn’t be more proud. And now, we will return to our regularly scheduled programming (basketball, of course!)

soccer game

soccer game

soccer game championshipsoccer gamesoccer gameChampionship winners

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