San Diego, CA | Newborn baby boy

San Diego, CA | Newborn baby boy


This is Lucas.

He is a very lucky boy, because his mom is the sweetest lady I know.

And Payton will back me up on this.

His mom was Payton’s 1st grade teacher.

Otherwise known as the Disney princess (who happened to teach at Ocean Air Elementary).


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Lucas did NOT want to leave the womb.

And I’m not sure why, because if it’s somewhere around 98 degrees in there, well, it was about the same temperature outside during the month he was born.

We were suffering through an incredible heat wave (I guess technically we still are), when he finally made his debut, over a week late.

But let’s take another look at him….he was definitely worth the wait.

These feet were cooked to perfection…..

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My girls came to visit while I was there getting ready to take pictures at his house.

His parents (and Grandmother) were VERY good listeners when I told them to keep the house hot. The hotter the better, so he will sleep.

Well, they didn’t have to do anything to get it hot, it just started out that way.

Grandma DID help me out a little by closing the windows, successfully blocking all possible ocean breezes from entering the house.

He loved it. Slept anywhere I put him.

baby photos San Diego 92130

I was dying though. And my girls were disgusted when they saw how sweaty I was.

I went through a half a roll of paper towels.

I think I lost 3 pounds.

But again, it was worth it.

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I don’t know if Payton will ever love a teacher the way she loved Lucas’s mom.

I think she’s going to be THE teacher that Payton remembers when she’s my age.

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And I have no doubt, that as good as she is as a teacher, she will be twice as good as a mother to this little guy.


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Welcome sweet Lucas,

you have made many people very happy.

Happier then they ever imagined possible.

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