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Last week we had “ski week” at school.

It’s the week after presidents day weekend, and I guess the story goes, so many kids were gone for the Monday holiday, and stayed gone for several more days since their parents took them skiing and didn’t want to cut their trip short, that the school just extended the holiday to a whole week for everyone.

So… week.

We live 2 hours from Big Bear.

I’m from Colorado and actually worked as ski instructor through high school.

My dad has a house in the mountains of Colorado, and so does Tom’s sister.

So what do we do during ski week?



We go to New Orleans, of course!

It actually was perfect timing, because Tom’s sister who lives in New Orleans has been wanting to get us down there for Mardi Gras and it has never worked out.

She always has a HUGE party for Mardi Gras and she has 3 grown children who bring somewhere between 20-50 friends (each!) to the party. Half of them are not from New Orleans, so every empty spot on her floor is covered with young adults looking for a place to sleep after a ridiculously fun night on Bourbon Street.  Not really the scene we wanted to expose our own little girls to for the first time (yes, I will take them to a nude beach; no, I will not let them sleep with a bunch of drunks. Every mom has her limits.)  But this year, our ski week fell during the “pre-Mardi Gras” week, which is super kid friendly, (they don’t need to flash to get beads), and it’s before all the younger, hipper, cooler 20-somethings move in for the real thing.

But before we got to go to any parades, we first had to make a stop for beignets.

Here is the picture before they dug in.

I don’t have an after picture, so you’ll just have to imagine the powdered sugar snowstorm that overtook them from the neck up.

But you can see, that before even a single bite was consumed, the powder was already on Harper’s chin.

February 17, 201414

Payton is preparing her beignet with enough powdered sugar to eclipse the sun.

Hey, don’t worry that the silver shaker that NEVER gets washed is LYING on top of your beignet! I’m sure it’s a self cleaning stainless steel. And has NOTHING to do with the colds we all got at the end of our trip!

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I allowed Payton to powder mine up for me.

Big mistake.

She’s only about 1/4 of the way done in this picture.

Trying my first bite I got powder in my nose.

(Pretended it was cocaine.)

Child photographer North County San Diego

There you go girlfriend!


(and by the way, these things are smokin hot! So the fact that the hot dough melts the powdered sugar almost instantly gave them many chances to go back and re-powder)

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Finger lickin good.

Notice the single strand of beads.

Haven’t been to a parade yet…..

But in a few days she’ll have so many beads around her neck (and boas, and headbands, and glasses) that her face would fall smack down into that powdered sugar just from the weight of them all.

Lifestyle photographer San Diego

Washing it down with some chocolate milk.

Don’t let any dentist see these pictures.

Or Obesity Clinic Program instigator/runner/(and after a year of no success)quitter.

(that’s me. For those of you who don’t remember that year and a half back in 2011).

So eat up kids! No ones counting YOUR calories today!

February 17, 201419

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