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9 month old boys.

I borrowed these 2 little cuties from a friend of mine to test out a lens I had on loan.

I didn’t like the lens.

But I loved these little boys!

They are both around 9 months old, and they were a handful.

As you can see, there was one who was a little bit tougher than the other.

Yep, that’s him. He owns it.


9 month old boys

9 month old boys

And by “tougher” I mean…..

“let me move my hand down your face until I poke you in the eye and you scream loudly, but amazingly, don’t try to move away from me.”

May 27, 2014130
Going in for the kill…..


May 27, 2014122
Here’s tough guy in a quieter moment.

Still a cutie.
cute baby boy
And his buddy survived.

A LOT of crying, yes.

But happy to report, he made a full recovery.
cute baby boy8 month old boy san diego9 month old boy san diego

Being around a couple 9 month old boys for an afternoon reminded me how different boys and girls are.

It was fun….but I was also beat after 2 hours!  I do NOT think I could keep that pace day in and day out!

Bye boys….stay cute (and be nice!)


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