San Diego CA-1 year old girl-Kim Kelley Photography

How did a year go by so fast? I know this little girls’ parents are asking themselves the same thing.

I’ve been taking their pictures ever since this little peanut was just a bump in her momma’s belly. And I’ve been lucky enough to be asked back for her newborn shoot (see those pics here), her 6 month old shoot (see here), and a mini shoot we did to try out my new pink chair. There is a theme to her photo shoots when I post her pictures on the blog….

The outtakes.

And today, for her 1 year old pictures, we will continue the trend.

I will start you out however with the gorgeous little 1 year old girl that she is, and how beautifully she photographs when she wants to.

No question she is beautiful. And we got some great photos with the very short amount of time she allotted us.

But when she was done with a particular pose, or set up, or location….she was not shy to let us know.

All she wanted was her daddy to rescue her.

Every. Single. Time.

Let’s take a look.

Done with the stool and the balloons.



Done with the flags.


Hating the tree.


Nope….hates the bark under the tree too. Nice try.


Already told you I hated this. This is a chair with balloons. I still hate it. Hated the stool, hate this chair too.


Totally not lovin standing here with her parents.


Sitting with the E was not a good alternative.


And finally….sorry mom, but just give me what I want.



Emma….it was a pleasure. As always.

Happy birthday baby girl!




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