San Diego Boudoir Photography Session

Why Pick Kim Kelley for your Boudoir Session?

Why we do what we do and why we want to be your choice for your San Diego Boudoir Photographers!

Boudoir photography is our passion and we want to share it with you! Allow us to give your self esteem a huge boost through your boudoir experience!

From our very first client who came in like a mouse and left like a lion we want to help every single woman show off the beauty that can be forgotten in one’s day to day lives. Each and every one of them saying they loved the experience  and many saying they are completely changed by it. They feel more confident, vibrant and their femininity rejuvenated! We knew instantly boudoir photography was our niche!

It’s for everyone else….not me…

Boudoir photography is for you no matter who you are! We want you whether you are shy or outgoing, thin or voluptuous, tall or petite, full breasted or small, curvy or trim, in your 20’s or in your 60’s. You cannot imagine how quickly you will relax, be laughing, and having a lot of fun! Being in “The chair” during hair and makeup gets you accustomed to us and to being here in our studio with a relaxed and calming atmosphere. We will chat you up and watch as your inhibitions fade and you become more and more excited about your own boudoir photography experience!

blonde in black lingerie boudoir session

While you are still riding that high from your boudoir session, you get to take a little break and then come right back to see your photos the same day! ” I had no idea I could be so beautiful and sexy” Is something we hear constantly. Boudoir photography does so much for a women’s self-confidence.

And that’s not all! Not only do you get to relive your excitement when your product arrives and you get to actually hold it in your hands all the time thinking “ I can’t believe that’s me!”  But, you also get to experience it once again when you give your Boudoir photography gift! You now get to see how excited that special someone’s response when you give the gift of you and it all starts again!

Sound like something you want to embrace! Do not let little doubts or inhibitions hold you back! Boudoir photography is for you, YOU can do this!

We want to be your boudoir photographers and show you how fabulous you truly are!

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