San Diego 1 year old boy photos

San Diego 1 year old boy


I was thrilled to be asked to take photos of this little guy this month to celebrate his turning 1 year old.

He is handsome, charming, SO well behaved, and happy to hang out wherever we placed him.

But the best part of this photo shoot? His parents.

I met them both while they were in residency in San Diego years ago.

They left for several years to complete fellowships, and (luckily) came back to San Diego this summer. Bringing the newest family member along with them, 1 year old Jack.


San Diego 1 year old boy photos

Erin is one of the sweetest people I know. She is SO thoughtful, and so caring….she makes an incredible doctor (and mother!), only because she was a fabulous person to begin with.

And Ben? He has a dry sense of humor that kills me. And the guy is wicked smart. I remember during his 3rd year in residency, I was reviewing one of his notes, and he typed in a  diagnosis of some crazy parasite that I had to look up to figure out what it was. I ran to a colleague and asked if they thought he was trying to test me? Making sure I know what that diagnosis was? Making sure I can keep up with him?  We thought about it for some time, and finally decided it was not a test, but just a (rare) mistake. He would not risk testing me and in the process, jeopardize his own reputation if I failed “the test” and signed off the note. But that’s how Ben affects me….always making me feel like I need to step up my game.

And on the morning of the photo shoot, they brought donuts.

I mean….can you ASK for a better family? I think not.

So let’s check out their pride and joy.

He is going to make a great California boy…..


San Diego 1 year old boy photos


San Diego 1 year old boy photos


San Diego 1 year old boy photos


San Diego 1 year old boy photos


San Diego 1 year old boy photos


There are so many more adorable pictures of him….but I need to leave some a surprise because I haven’t been able to get the CD to Erin yet.

This is  just a sneak peek for them…..and a chance to brag a little about what a great family this is.

So glad to have you guys back. All three of you.  🙂


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  • Mary MalinowskiLove – he’s a cutie! The balloon pic is my fav!ReplyCancel

  • Stacy RusticoThis makes me so happy to see! He continues to be that boy that all adore. Hoping Madeleine gets to follow her buddy out to San Diego and get some amazing Kim Kelley photos.ReplyCancel

  • Bobbie CallowayAs Ben’s Mom I have to say you have done a great job of capturing Jack’s spirit. I am very proud of Ben and Erin and will be looking forward to seeing more photos of Jack.ReplyCancel

  • North County San Diego | Newborn baby boy - Kim Kelley Photography[…] In fact, I have my office desk right next to his mom. So for many months I was  able to watch her belly grow, talk about maternity leave, when her parents will come, how older brother Jack will be introduced, all the fun stuff about a new baby. (See Jack’s adorable 1 year old photos here) […]ReplyCancel

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