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Saints cheerleaders


A few weeks ago we went to a birthday party for a boy in Harper’s class.

While the boys and the dads played football and ran drills, the girls learned some cheers and some moves from the birthday boy’s mom.

Only her own daughter and my 2 girls felt like cheering that day, so this is how it played out….
Getting started…

Her 4 year old looks like she’s catching on pretty quick.   My two in pink look lost.

Why is Harper smacking her pom poms together above her head like that as if they are drumsticks and she’s about to rock the house?
April 05, 201428

Here’s a seemingly easy move.

Kick your right leg out. Like we JUST did with the left leg. But now it’s the right.

Hands behind your back.

Easy peasy?

Not for my girls.

There seems to be a whole lot of leg crossing, body twisting, pom poms flying and no-attention-paying going on here.

April 05, 201422

Does anybody know what anybody else is doing on this squad?

This is NOT an individual sport kids!
April 05, 201423

Payton…you’d be doing great here if this was ballet. Looks like you’re in 3rd position.

Harper….you look like you’re about to hurt yourself.
April 05, 201424

Guess this means our shot at going to Saints games for free is NOT in the cards.

But looks like they are still having fun.

April 05, 201425
The dedicated mom/cheer coach.

ONE MORE TIME!!! A simple lift one leg, and hands behind our backs!

Got it?

April 05, 201427

Awww forget it…..

where’s the birthday cake?


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