The girls discovered Toms and my old rollerblades in the garage last weekend. They wasted no time putting on all the gear and heading to the back patio to test it out.

What I didn’t expect was an ENTIRE day of rollerblading. They breaked for lunch and potty runs and that’s it. After dinner I had to lock and guard the back door so they would go upstairs to bathe instead head back out to blade.

These pictures are after several hours of “practice”.

Which means “the first few hours were spent on their knees and butts and holding onto the outdoor furniture…which still was barely enough to keep them upright.”

rollerblading. San Diego child photography

These are the before pictures.

September 01, 201413

rollerblading Kim Kelley photography

September 01, 201422

September 01, 201412

September 01, 201415

Here we are starting to see some improvement.

Working on bringing the legs together and keeping them together.

Sometimes I felt like I was watching a cartoon where limbs went in directions that they physically aren’t supposed to go in.

September 01, 201426

Grabbing what you can for support.

Even if it’s your sister who can’t stand any longer than you can.


September 01, 201419

Why are they always right on top of each other?

This is a tangle about to happen.

September 01, 201421

This is why rollerblading lasted ALL DAY LONG….

because even though they spent 1/2 the time on their butts, they still loved it and kept on smiling through the spills.

(Even though Payton’s mouth looks like she’s about to throw up….she really just telling me to stop taking pictures. Which is what she ALWAYS is saying.)


rollerblading. North County child photography


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