Family Photo Shoot Old Poway Park


Stunning Blue Eyes

You will not disagree. Take a look at this guys eyes and tell me they are not the most incredible blue! I’ve watched this little guy go from a tiny NICU preemie to the solid energetic gorgeous little 3 year old he is now. I brought my 10 and 11 year old daughters with me to this photoshoot to help me and he was mesmerized by them.  His parents better be careful when he’s out of eyesight….an older girl asks him to go somewhere, do something, come with her, he’s ready to drop what he’s doing and go! In this case, it worked well, they coaxed him into many locations that led to great photo opportunities! But really, stick him in a pile of hay and just have him look at me, and those eyes will make any photo of him look incredible!


Boys and Dogs

What more needs to be said? A boy needs a dog. Everyone knows that! This boy was born into a family that already had 2 dogs. They were older, accommodating, sweet dogs who let the Ethan do whatever he wanted to them. If it was too much, they quietly slinked away. But mostly, they loved the attention and loved the boy, so he was able to love them the way a toddler loves an animal…sometimes aggressively.  Then the sweet old bulldog died and left a big empty hole in the family….enter Sienna. The feisty little bulldog puppy who even had my girls running from her and her snapping baby teeth. Scroll down past the brilliant blue eyes, the loving family photos, and see how Sienna exerts her power over Ethan….hence the Coppertone baby remix.

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